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Tracking the Coronavirus at U.S. Colleges and Universities
College coronavirus cases are spiking. The Times has counted more than 68,000 new cases on college campuses since early November. Since the start of the pandemic, more than 321,000 people on campuses have tested positive. At least 80 have died.

To understand the whiplash of this chaotic semester, take a look at the University of Michigan, one of the biggest universities in the country. Like many big state universities, it tried to open with some semblance of normalcy. Outbreaks ensued and now the university has pivoted to near-universal remote instruction.

Donald Trump says 'I won, by the way' and lashes out at Pfizer claiming it delayed news of the COVID-19 vaccine until after the election
  • Donald Trump said "I won, by the way" during a drug price press briefing on Friday in his first public appearance in a week.
  • "We had big pharma against us. We had the media against us. We had big tech against us. We had a lot of dishonesty against us. But big pharma alone ran millions and millions of in ads," he said.
  • Throughout his election campaign, the President said that drug companies would only release a COVID-19 vaccine after the vote.
  • However, both Pfizer and Moderna have said that the timing of their announcements have nothing to do with political concerns.
  • Yesterday, Pfizer asked the US Food and Drug Administration to review its 95% effective vaccine for emergency authorization.
Trump called the news conference to announce the implementation of his new drug rules, which could save people thousands of dollars a year but soon got sidetracked and launched an attack on big pharma.