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This photo shows US mail-in ballots that were never opened or filled out, local officials say
A photo of several US mail-in ballots lying on the ground has been shared hundreds of times in multiple posts on Facebook and Twitter alongside a claim they were votes for incumbent US President Donald Trump that were found “dumped by the side of the road” in the US state of Arizona. The claim is false; the photo actually shows mail-in ballots that were never opened or filled out, according to local law enforcement officials.

Wisconsin poll clerks did not illegally add witness addresses to mail-in ballots
Articles shared tens of thousands of times on social media claim Wisconsin, a state crucial to president-elect Joe Biden’s victory, may have broken the law by allowing poll clerks to fill in missing witness addresses on absentee ballots. This is false; the state’s elections commission says the practice applied to witness certifications -- not the ballots themselves -- and poll clerks have been allowed to add the addresses since 2016 under a policy Republicans endorsed.

Drug companies do not supply the flu shot for free
Facebook and Instagram posts shared in Canada and the United States claim the medical industry is supplying the flu shot to pharmacies and doctors’ offices for free, implying that such a giveaway is suspicious. While many patients do not pay a direct out-of-pocket fee to receive the influenza vaccine, the annual immunization is not free, with governments and insurance companies paying millions to drug companies for the shots to promote public health.

Falsehood Tells of Withdrawn Pennsylvania Projection
Viral social media posts claim that the website RealClearPolitics rescinded a projection that Joe Biden had won Pennsylvania. But the website never called the state in the first place; many other media outlets have made that call.

Misleading Claim of Dead Registered Voters in Pennsylvania
A misleading claim that more than 21,000 registered voters in Pennsylvania are dead is circulating online. The figure comes from a conservative group that failed to convince a federal judge in October that its list was accurate.

Old US election map misleads on voting trend in 2020 election
A map of the US covered in overwhelmingly red Republican votes is circulating as President Donald Trump claims without evidence that his Democratic rival Joe Biden stole the election. But the map is from the 2016 presidential contest. The 2020 results saw states that were red four years ago flip to blue, and the geographical depiction of the votes can also misleadingly appear to favor Republicans because it does not show the Electoral College results.