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Video Doesn’t Show Voter Fraud in Utah
A video suggesting that there’s been “voter fraud” in Utah has been circulating online, but all it actually shows is a misunderstanding of a poll worker’s mistake on the first day of early, in-person voting. The mistake was corrected and the system worked, as intended.

Bogus Posts Claim ‘Poll Worker’ Tossed Ballots in Pennsylvania
A bogus post on Instagram purports to be from an Erie County, Pennsylvania, poll worker who claimed he threw out over 100 pro-Trump ballots. The chair of the Erie County Board of Elections says the man “does not work in any way with Erie County or have any part of Erie County’s election process.”

Antifa ‘False Flag’ Flyer Is an Old Hoax
A viral blog post falsely claims that an “Antifa flyer” shows that left-wing activists are planning to masquerade as supporters of President Donald Trump and riot following the election. The purported flyer cited as evidence has been around since 2017.

Overblown Claims of ‘Bad Things’ at Philly Polls
A story circulating on social media deceptively claims “Bad Things Are Happening in PA.” It overstates the significance of a video that shows a Republican poll watcher being denied access to a Philadelphia polling place on Election Day, and it falsely claims that there was an illegal political sign at another city location.

The poll watcher was Gary Feldman, a Republican committeeman who told us in a phone interview that he was going to that location, in South Philadelphia, to collect information about how many voters had been there so far. He went to several other polling places during the day, estimating that he went to one per hour.

“I had no other troubles during the day,” Feldman told us. “That was the only place that denied me.”

He guessed that he would have been inside the polling place for about five minutes, if he had been allowed.

“He was denied entry, at least initially,” Kevin Feeley, spokesman for the city commissioners, told FactCheck.org in a phone interview. “Honestly, it was a mistake.”

The poll worker who initially rejected Feldman was under the impression that the ward number on the poll watcher’s certificate had to match the polling location, Feeley explained.

In the video, Feldman tells two poll workers, “I have a citywide watcher’s certificate.” One of the poll workers responds, “It’s not for this location.”

But, according to Philadelphia County’s guide for election officials, “Watchers are only permitted to be issued one Certificate for one Election District, but are permitted to use that Certificate to watch in ANY Ward/Division in Philadelphia.”

Both Feeley and Jane Roh, spokeswoman for the district attorney, said the rule had recently been changed, but neither specified when.

The DA’s office “contacted the workers there to make sure they were clear on the rules,” Roh said by email.

The other claim in the story — that there were “illegal” Biden-Harris campaign signs at another Philadelphia polling place — is just wrong.