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Viral Image Shows Outdated Claims About Detroit Voter Rolls
Facebook users are sharing a meme that alleges a host of inaccuracies in Detroit’s voter rolls in the context of the 2020 election. But the claims stem from a 2019 lawsuit that was withdrawn after the group that filed it said the city had taken action on the issues.

Biden Did, Indeed, Get More Votes Than Obama
The votes are still being counted and the results are unofficial, but former Vice President Joe Biden already has surpassed former President Barack Obama’s record of 69.4 million votes in 2008. But conservative personalities on social media falsely dismiss that achievement as “a damn lie.”

Outdated voter registration figures fuel false fraud claims
Social media posts shared thousands of times claim voter fraud took place in eight US states during the 2020 presidential election because the number of votes exceeded the number of registered voters. But the graphic used in the posts relies on old data that does not match the significantly higher official figures for registered voters as reported by the states.

Only 3 absentee ballots were found in arrested postal worker’s vehicle
A tweet saying that a United States Postal Service (USPS) worker was caught at the Canadian border with “stolen ballots” was retweeted more than 17,000 times. This is misleading; a postal employee was arrested with undelivered mail, but only three blank absentee ballots were found among the 813 items retrieved in his vehicle, and he was not charged with election interference, according to the US Department of Justice.

Video shows legitimate ballot processing, not fraud, in Pennsylvania
A video purporting to show Pennsylvania poll workers fraudulently filling out ballots has spread online after President Donald Trump claimed without evidence that he was being robbed of the election. Workers in the video are in fact transcribing ballots that were damaged during processing, according to Delaware County officials, who said the footage has been manipulated to omit bipartisan observers who oversaw the process.

Trump’s Wild, Baseless Claims of Illegal Voting
In remarks resembling an attack on democratic elections, rather than a presidential speech, President Donald Trump doubled down on his campaign pledge: “The only way we can lose, in my opinion, is massive fraud.” In his Nov. 5 comments, he offered no evidence for the “illegal votes” that he claimed would need to be counted in order for former Vice President Joe Biden to win the election. He offered several false, misleading and baseless claims instead.

Trump’s Bogus Claim of ‘Election Interference’ and More
In addition to baseless allegations of “illegal votes” in swing states, President Donald Trump used his relatively brief remarks — just 16 minutes long — during a Nov. 5 public appearance at the White House press room to make false allegations about election interference and other issues.

Claim of Michigan Postal Fraud Is Moot
A video from a right-wing activist suggests that U.S. Postal Service employees backdated ballots in Michigan. The claim is unproven, but, even if true, no ballots in the state are accepted after Nov. 3, regardless of the postmark.