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Michigan county vote count glitch was not fraud
Articles shared thousands of times on social media claim that a glitch in the Michigan presidential vote tally, which temporarily misattributed Donald Trump votes to president-elect Joe Biden, poses a systemic risk to dozens of counties in the battleground state. This is misleading; the Michigan secretary of state’s office published a notice explaining that the Antrim county reporting mistake resulted from a user error, not a software error, and did not affect the election results or other counties or states.

As world leaders congratulate Biden, Trump tweets he won
Hours after US television networks unanimously called the presidential election in Joe Biden’s favor, Donald Trump maintained it was he who had won, citing a falsely-inflated number of votes and suggesting that he was a victim of foul play.

... Trump's refusal to concede threatens to plunge the United States into a prolonged period of political turmoil.