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This video actually shows Los Angeles County staff collecting mail-in ballots so they could be counted in the US presidential election
A video has been viewed thousands of times in multiple Facebook and Twitter posts alongside a claim it shows postal ballot fraud in the US during the 2020 presidential elections. The claim is false; this video shows Los Angeles County staff collecting mail-in ballots to be counted in the US presidential election.

Trump Tweets Conspiracy Theory About Deleted Votes
In a tweet, President Donald Trump on Nov. 12 pushed the baseless theory that voting systems deleted millions of votes for him and switched thousands of votes cast for him to his Democratic rival, President-elect Joe Biden.

No evidence has been produced to support that assertion.

Joe Biden, not Donald Trump, leads in Electoral College votes
An article and map shared thousands of times on social media days after the election claim that Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden if “illegal” votes are discounted, and that Trump still has “paths to victory.” The article is false; it relies on debunked claims and allegations that lack evidence after a vote which a national group of election officials declared the “most secure” in US history.

Canada not planning military intervention if Trump refuses to leave
A screenshot of an article claiming that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to invade the United States if President Donald Trump refuses to leave office has been shared more than a thousand times on Facebook. The claim is false; the reporter whose byline has been used on the article said it is not authentic, and a spokeswoman for Trudeau confirmed that this story is baseless.

Ballot ‘Curing’ in Pennsylvania
Counties in Pennsylvania employed inconsistent policies when it came to “curing” ballots — notifying voters of an error in their mail-in ballot so they could fix it. But contrary to claims by the Trump campaign, that inconsistency didn’t fall strictly along party lines.

It wasn’t only Democratic counties that “cured” ballots, as opposed to Republican ones that didn’t. All counties got the same guidance the night before the election instructing them to notify political parties and update the ballot-tracking online system about ballot errors, thus allowing voters to cast a provisional ballot on Election Day.

Some counties notified voters, and some didn’t.

Biden Did Not Invent the ‘Office of President-Elect’
Social media posts falsely claim that former Vice President Joe Biden “invented the Office of President-elect.” Donald Trump and Barack Obama also used the term during their transitions to the presidency.

Pfizer’s role in Operation Warp Speed misconstrued online
News of promising results from a coronavirus vaccine developed by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer sparked misinformation about the company’s role in the Trump administration's Operation Warp Speed, an effort to deliver a Covid-19 shot nationwide. While Pfizer benefited from the government's vaccine fund, this was to supply and distribute the vaccine, not to develop it.