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Cleveland NBA celebration photos falsely shared as pro-Trump rally
Photos of dense crowds lining city streets were shared alongside the claim that they depicted the pro-Trump rally that took place in Washington DC on November 14, 2020. While the rally gathered thousands of people in the US capital, some of the photos in fact showed celebrations in Cleveland, Ohio after the Cavaliers won the NBA Championship in 2016.

Report falsely claims that US health protection agency ‘admits’ Covid-19 does not exist
A photo of an article reporting that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “admits there is no Covid-19” has been shared in multiple Facebook posts. The report cites an agency document which explains how a virus test works as its source. The claim is false: a US pathology expert said the CDC document was misinterpreted, stating that “there is no question” Covid-19 exists.

Team Trump’s dead voters in Georgia: 3 falsehoods, 1 truth
As President Donald Trump unsuccessfully fights the results of the presidential election in courts, his campaign released the names of four dead Georgians who allegedly voted, suggesting fraud. This is false in three of the cases because the people named did not vote this year. The fourth one did cast a ballot, and the case was turned over to police and state authorities.