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Rand Paul Baselessly Says Only Anti-Trump Protesters Arrested at MAGA March
In an appearance on Fox News, Sen. Rand Paul claimed without evidence that only counterprotesters were arrested at the Million MAGA March and its tumultuous aftermath, and that they were solely responsible for the outbreaks of violence there.

The Washington, D.C., police questioned the accuracy of that statement and said it didn’t know the political affiliations of all those arrested. Two people arrested with semiautomatic weapons at the Nov. 14 event were described by D.C. police as Trump supporters and members of a “militia.” And a man who was stabbed after the rally described himself as a protester, not a Trump supporter.

At the same time, anti-Trump demonstrators provoked some of the incidents, according to published reports.

Biden’s Texas campaign director was not arrested for election fraud
Social media posts and an online article claim a top staffer from Joe Biden’s campaign team was arrested for electoral fraud. This is false; court records indicate that Dallas Jones, a political consultant hired to oversee the campaign in Texas, was accused of, but not arrested for, ballot harvesting during a case that was eventually dropped; and Houston police, a county representative and a lawyer confirmed he was not detained.

U.S. Army Didn’t Seize Election Servers in Germany
A congressman and conservative news outlets are spreading the baseless claim that the U.S. Army seized an election software company’s server in Frankfurt, Germany, that could supposedly prove there was fraud in the 2020 election. There was no such seizure — and the company doesn’t even have a server in Frankfurt.

Paul Misleads on Natural Infection and COVID-19 Vaccines
In a tweet, Sen. Rand Paul misleadingly suggested that immunity from “[n]aturally acquired” COVID-19 was better than that from a vaccine. But it’s not known how immunity from the two sources compares — and the entire point of a vaccine is to offer immunity without the risk of getting sick.