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Nigeria did not give US President Donald Trump a deadline to concede the election or face sanctions
Multiple posts making the rounds on Facebook claim the Nigerian government gave US President Donald Trump 72 hours to concede the 2020 presidential election to former vice-president Joe Biden. This is false; Nigeria rejected the statement attributed to one of its ministers and AFP Fact Check found no public record of the government issuing such an ultimatum.

Website Concocts False Story of Soros Arrest
A bogus social media story uses a doctored image of an indictment to falsely claim George Soros has been arrested in the U.S. “for election interference.” The actual charges are against six Russian nationals for cyberattacks.

These are computer-generated images created by a Russian graphic designer
A series of images has been shared hundreds of times on Weibo, Facebook and Twitter alongside a claim that it shows photos of earth taken by US space agency NASA. This claim is false; these images were computer-generated and created by a Russia-based graphic designer.

Facebook posts falsely claim that bacterial meningitis vaccine, not H1N1 virus, caused 1918 Spanish flu pandemic
Multiple Facebook posts shared hundreds of times claim the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic was actually “not a flu at all” but was instead “caused by random dosages of an experimental 'bacterial meningitis vaccine'”. The claim is false; experts agree that a novel strain of the H1N1 virus caused the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic and that no bacterial meningitis vaccination program was carried out in 1918.