Donald Trump
We strongly recommend that the electorate do what no one else can: reclaim your democracy by voting to remove Donald Trump from office. — More than 700 economists, including seven Nobel winners

More than 1,000 economists have now signed letter urging voters to reject 'reckless and selfish' Trump on Election Day. Alvin Roth, a Nobel winner, tells us why he's among them.
  • More than 1,000 leading economists have now signed an open letter warning against the re-election of President Donald Trump on November 3.
  • The number of signatures has risen by 300 since last Friday, when the letter was created.
  • Alvin Roth, a Nobel-winning economist who signed the letter, told Business Insider that he believed that Trump prefers trade wars instead of working with trading partners, and his his re-election could harm the economy.
  • Roth is an economics professor at Stanford University. He shared the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2012.
  • Roth said he was "concerned that some voters might believe President Trump's essentially false claims that his careless stewardship has been good for the US economy."