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Boris Johnson's tweet congratulating Joe Biden carries remnants of a message congratulating Trump instead
  • Boris Johnson's message of congratulation to President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris carries remnants of an earlier version which appears to congratulate President Trump for winning the election instead.
  • The UK Prime Minister posted a statement congratulating the pair on Saturday after they were projected as the winners of the election.
  • Closer inspection of the image, when it was adjusted by photo-editing tools, shows the outline of Trump's name beneath where Biden's is written.
  • Johnson was one of Trump's closest international allies and has yet to meet or speak with the President-elect.

White House personnel chief reportedly threatens to fire staff who look for new jobs before Trump's term ends
  • John McEntee, director of the Office of Presidential Personnel, has threatened to fire political appointees if they look for another job before President Donald Trump's term in office ends, the Associated Press, CNN, and Axios reported Monday.
  • Each administration appoints about 4,000 political staff. President Donald Trump's appointees now have less than three months left in post.
  • According to the report, staff could be fired if their bosses hear they're applying for new jobs — but the Associated Press report characterized McEntee's words as a mere warning.

A team of 28 international election observers said it found no evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election, contrary to what Trump keeps insisting
  • The Organization of American States sent 28 international election observers to witness the 2020 US general election.
  • The election observers said they witnessed no instances of fraud or voting irregularities.
  • Meanwhile, President Trump and his allies are continuing to push baseless allegations of widespread fraud in the election, and have launched more than a dozen legal challenges while refusing to concede.
  • The OAS statement followed another report from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, which said the US election was "well managed" and that Trump's baseless claims "harm public trust in democratic institutions."

Trump's allies are privately resigned to Joe Biden's election victory, according to a report
  • Republicans do not seriously believe Trump's claims to have won the election and are only 'humoring' him while President-elect Biden prepares for the White House, a GOP official has told the Washington Post.
  • "What is the downside for humoring him for this little bit of time? No one seriously thinks the results will change," the anonymous official told the paper.
  • They added: "He's tweeting about filing some lawsuits, those lawsuits will fail, then he'll tweet some more about how the election was stolen, and then he'll leave."

The Republican Party pumped millions into Facebook ads aimed at voter turnout in key battleground states in the week before the election (FB)
  • In the run up to the 2020 election, Facebook instituted new advertising policies barring any new political ads in the week leading up to Election Day, but that didn't stop previously approved ads from being boosted and/or altered.
  • Despite the new rules, the Republican National Committee was able to pour millions into existing campaigns in key battleground states in the last seven days of the race — time that fell under Facebook's ad ban.
  • The RNC poured millions into get out the vote and voter registration advertising in the week leading up to the election, Facebook advertising data reported by the MIT Technology Review shows.
  • Moreover, the ads were adjusted up to and including Election Day to target key battleground states like Michigan, Nevada, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

Conservative social media app Parler has been downloaded nearly 1 million times since Election Day, topping app charts. A 'Stop the Steal' hashtag has 15,000 mentions.
  • In the five days from Election Day, November 3, the conservative social media platform Parler was downloaded nearly 1 million times.
  • Prominent Republicans have encouraged people to use Parler instead of Twitter and Facebook.
  • On November 8, Parler took the number one spot for free iPhone apps on the US App Store — the following day, it ranked number one on Google Play for the first time ever.
  • Downloads of the app rocketed just as Facebook and Twitter cracked down on election misinformation, including the "Stop the Steal" campaign baselessly claiming voter fraud. A hashtag for the campaign has 15,000 mentions on Parler.

The Pentagon's top policy official resigned the day after Trump 'terminated' his defense secretary
  • Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Policy James H. Anderson resigned Tuesday after a series of confrontations with the White House over various personnel issues, Politico first reported, citing current and former defense officials.
  • His resignation comes just one day after President Donald Trump abruptly fired Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. Officials told Politico more departures may follow.
  • Anderson's decision to leave the Department of Defense potentially opens the door for Anthony Tata, a controversial former general the White House installed in the Pentagon, to move into the top policy position.

Turkish president Erdogan congratulates Biden on election win, the latest Trump ally abroad to abandon him
  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan congratulated President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday for his 2020 election victory.
  • Turkey will stick to its "determination to work closely with the U.S. Administration" in the coming period, Erdogan said in his message, per Reuters.
  • Erdogan shared his congratulatory remarks after remaining silent on Biden's announced win for days.
Biden also called Erdogan an "autocrat," prompting pushback from the Turkish government. For Erdogan to congratulate Biden in spite of these tensions is significant, and indicative of how important the US-Turkey relationship is. It's also a reminder that world leaders overwhelmingly view Biden as the legitimate winner of the 2020 election in the face of Trump's baseless allegations of mass voter fraud and refusal to concede.

Turkey is NATO ally, but has presented a challenge to the historic partnership in recent years — particularly after the Turkish incursion into Syria and more recently in relation to the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. Though Erdogan has congratulated Biden, the Turkish leader could continue to pose major problems for the president-elect once he's sworn into office.

The world has moved on from Trump, even if his most loyal Republican allies have not
  • The world has accepted the results of the 2020 election, even if President Donald Trump and his GOP allies won't.
  • Leaders of important world powers and major democracies have stepped up to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden in recent days, which is a sign of his legitimacy.
  • Major media outlets across the board have also declared Biden the projected winner of the election, including Trump's favored network — Fox News.

Biden moves ahead with transition, says Trump's refusal to concede the election is 'an embarrassment'
  • President-elect Joe Biden said on Tuesday that his team's transition efforts are moving ahead regardless of President Donald Trump's refusal to concede the 2020 election.
  • "The fact that they're not willing to acknowledge we've won is not of much consequence," he said.
  • On Trump's refusal to concede, Biden said, "I just think it's an embarrassment, quite frankly."

Trump's big new election lawsuit alleges voter fraud potentially happened in 2 Pennsylvania counties. Both overwhelmingly voted for him.
  • The Trump campaign's new major lawsuit in Pennsylvania alleges that voter fraud potentially happened in only two counties.
  • Both of them, Fayette County and Luzerne County, voted for President Donald Trump.
  • The local news articles cited by the lawsuit to bolster its claims report that local officials were addressing the irregularities before Election Day.
  • Trump and other Republicans have filed over a dozen lawsuits contesting the 2020 election. Their main efforts are in Pennsylvania, which gave President-elect Joe Biden enough electoral votes to clinch the race.

Trump Appointee Stands Between Biden’s Team and a Smooth Transition
Transition officials for President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. called on a top Trump administration appointee on Monday to end what they said was unwarranted obstruction of the money and access that federal law says must flow to the winner of a presidential election.

The officials, speaking on background to reporters on Monday night, said it was nearly unprecedented for Emily W. Murphy, the administrator of the General Services Administration, to refuse to issue a letter of “ascertainment,” which allows Mr. Biden’s transition team to begin the transfer of power.

By law, Ms. Murphy, the head of the sprawling agency that keeps the federal government functioning, must formally recognize Mr. Biden as the incoming president for his transition to begin. It has been three days since news organizations projected that he was the winner of the election, and Ms. Murphy has still not acted.

The transition officials said her inaction was preventing Mr. Biden’s teams from moving into government offices, including secure facilities where they can discuss classified information. The teams cannot meet with their counterparts in agencies or begin background checks of top cabinet nominees that require top-secret access.

... The stalling of the transition is part of an overarching refusal to acknowledge the election results by the Trump administration.

How Trump’s Refusal to Concede Affects Biden’s National Security Transition
President Trump’s refusal to concede the election to President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. has already affected Mr. Biden’s transition, particularly on national security issues.

Mr. Biden has yet to receive a presidential daily briefing, and it was unclear whether his team would have access to classified information, the most important pipeline for them to learn about the threats facing the United States.

Like previous presidents-elect, Mr. Biden is receiving Secret Service protection, and a no-fly zone has been established over his home in Delaware. But if Mr. Trump’s administration continues its refusal to recognize Mr. Biden as the winner, it could complicate his security until his inauguration.

Here are some of the issues at play:
  • Presidential Daily Briefings
  • Classified Information
  • Personal Security

The election is over, but there’s no end to Republican bad faith
It is not over.

The presidential election is certainly over, and the result was not particularly close. President-elect Joe Biden won a decisive majority of the popular vote and likely a considerable electoral college victory. Claims of widespread electoral fraud would be spurious even if they weren’t made by a prating fool in front of a Philadelphia landscaping firm. The 2020 election is done. Concluded. Finished.

What has not ended — what seems endless — is Republican bad faith and poltroonery.

I am not referring here to those voters for President Trump who have been misled into false hope. It is not hard to convince people who distrust elites and are prone to conspiracy theories that elites are plotting to deny “real” Americans their influence. It does not even matter if the vote-counters are Republicans, because that is exactly what a conspiracy would do to hide its nefarious work.

No, it is Republican leaders who are responsible for poisoning whatever wells of goodwill still exist in our republic. Having aided Trump’s autocratic delusions, they are now abetting his assault on the orderly transfer of power. Through their active support or guilty silence, most elected Republicans are encouraging their fellow citizens to believe that America’s democratic system is fundamentally corrupt. No agent of China or Russia could do a better job of sabotage. Republicans are fostering cynicism about the constitutional order on a massive scale. They are stumbling toward sedition.

... What explains this degree of deference to a besieged, erratic lame-duck president? Some legislators claim that they are just providing time for Trump to cool down and accustom himself to the election result. They believe, apparently, that the president just needs a little encouragement and self-care before he will do the right thing. This theory is less compelling on the 1,001st unsuccessful attempt. Trump will not sacrifice any personal interest merely for the good of the country. He will interpret anything short of opposition as permission. And permission is clearly what many elected Republicans intend to provide.

... It is particularly obscene for an administration that has abdicated the work of pandemic response to undercut a new administration determined to mount a serious effort. Trump seems determined to extend his legacy of incompetence and needless death as far into the future as possible.

... It is one thing to vote for a demagogue. It is another to support a demagogue as he tries to destroy the credibility of voting itself. This is where the Republican Party finds itself at the shabby political end of Donald Trump: as an ally to illiberalism.

'We're all supposed to pretend this is normal': The White House is reportedly preparing its next budget proposal even though Biden won the election
  • The Trump administration is planning to prepare its next budget proposal, though it will be released in February and cover spending through 2022, according to a report by The Washington Post.
  • President-elect Joe Biden will take President Donald Trump's place on January 20.
  • The decision marks another attempt to reject Biden's win.
  • "They're pretending nothing happened," an unnamed official told The Post. "We're all supposed to pretend this is normal, and do all this work, while we know we're just going to have to throw it away."

The Trump campaign has identified 14,000 votes in Pennsylvania it wants to invalidate. That's still less than Biden's victory margin.
  • The Trump campaign's legal challenge against the presidential election process in Pennsylvania — a state he needed to win reelection — identifies only about 14,000 votes it alleges are invalid.
  • President Donald Trump is about 45,000 votes behind President-elect Joe Biden in the state.
  • The campaign says it doesn't understand why Delaware County revised the number of mail-in ballots it reported receiving and that the 14,000 votes it can't account for should be invalidated.
  • It also cites 14 specific examples of ballots it alleges are problematic.
  • Voter fraud is extremely rare. Only about six out of every 10 million votes cast result in a criminal conviction, according to the conservative-leaning Heritage Foundation.
Trump would need to somehow dispute his Democratic rival's 45,000-vote lead in the state and win Arizona, Georgia, and Alaska.

John McCain's widow hopes that Trump 'stays on the right side of history' by bowing out gracefully
  • Cindy McCain, philanthropist and wife of the late Republican Sen. John McCain, said she believed her husband "would be very pleased" that President-elect Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump on Election Day.
  • "We were good friends with the Bidens," McCain said during a CNN interview. "And I just know he is looking down and going, 'You did the right thing.'"
  • McCain, despite being a lifelong Republican like her husband, endorsed Biden and said that there was "only one candidate in this race who stands up for our values as a nation."

WATCH: Americans flooded the streets in celebration and protest after Joe Biden won the 2020 election

  • Americans took to the streets after the 2020 presidential election was called for Joe Biden last weekend.
  • Biden supporters celebrated, danced, and drank champagne, while some Trump supporters, following the president's lead, protested the victory.
  • We followed supporters of both candidates in eight cities around the US to get a firsthand look at the celebrations and protests after the election.

Top defense intelligence official and former SEAL Team 6 commander walks off the job amid post-election Pentagon purge
  • The Pentagon's top intelligence official, Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security Joseph Kernan, resigned Tuesday.
  • His resignation follows the firing of Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and comes amid the resignation of the chief of staff to the Secretary of Defense Jen Stewart and acting Under Secretary of Defense for Policy James Anderson.
  • Lawmakers have already started to sound the alarm, with Rep. Adam Smith writing in a statement that "it appears that chaos has now reached the Pentagon."
Rep. Adam Smith, a Democrat and chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, sounded the alarm Tuesday afternoon following the departures of Esper and Anderson.

"It is hard to overstate just how dangerous high-level turnover at the Department of Defense is during a period of presidential transition," he wrote in a statement. "The top policy professional in the Department resigning the day after the Secretary of Defense was fired could mark the beginning of a process of gutting the DoD – something that should alarm all Americans."

'As soon as Former Vice President Biden became President-elect Biden, President Trump and those loyal to him started to sow chaos and division," he added. "It appears that chaos has now reached the Pentagon."

While Trump incites his supporters with claims of fraud, Republicans privately insist he lost the election and will leave power, CNN's Jake Tapper says
  • Republicans privately told CNN that their public refusal to acknowledge that President-elect Joe Biden won the election "is all part of walking President Trump through this process emotionally."
  • According to CNN anchor Jake Tapper, elected Republicans insist that there will be "a peaceful transition of power to the Biden-Harris administration on January 20."
  • However, Republicans are largely unwilling to say this in public out of fear they will anger the president and in turn receive death threats from his supporters.

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