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Ryanair, one of the world's biggest airlines, says that 'Trump declaring victory this early is like disembarking before the plane has landed'
  • The European low-cost airline Ryanair said in a tweet Wednesday that President Donald Trump's premature claim to have won the 2020 election was "like disembarking before the plane has landed."
  • "We don't recommend," it added.
  • Ryanair's tweet came moments after Trump claimed that he had won the 2020 US presidential election in a speech at the White House — despite votes in key states still being counted.
  • "We were getting ready to win this election," Trump said. "Frankly, we did win this election."

Pennsylvania and Wisconsin governors attack Trump after he baselessly claimed victory and suggested that election officials should stop counting votes
  • Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, both Democrats, criticized President Donald Trump after he prematurely claimed victory in the 2020 presidential race.
  • Trump early Wednesday claimed he won the election and called the counting of ballots after Election Day a "major fraud on our nation," even though it's a normal part of the election process.
  • Elections officials across the US have warned that the counting of ballots would extend past Election Day, as states work to count a large number of absentee and mail-in ballots due to the coronavirus pandemic.
"We still have over 1 million mail ballots to count in Pennsylvania," Wolf said in a tweet just before 3 a.m. "I promised Pennsylvanians that we would count every vote and that's what we're going to do."

The Pennsylvania governor continued: "Let's be clear: This is a partisan attack on Pennsylvania's elections, our votes, and democracy," adding "our counties are working tirelessly to process votes as quickly AND as accurately as possible."

The race in Pennsylvania has not yet been called, and the key battleground state isn't expecting to be finished counting absentee ballots until Friday at the earliest as officials only began counting absentee ballots on Tuesday morning.

Wolf emphasized Wednesday the state would count "every vote."

In Wisconsin, where the presidential race has likewise not yet been called, Gov. Tony Evers similarly emphasized the efforts to count ballots in his state were ongoing, despite the president's comments.

"An election doesn't end when an elected official says they won—it ends when every vote has been counted," Evers said in a tweet just before 4 a.m. on Monday.

"Our clerks and election workers are continuing to do their important work after millions of Wisconsinites cast their ballots to make their voices heard," the Democratic governor said.

Even in California, which Insider and Decision Desk HQ project Biden has won, Gov. Gavin Newsom likewise said in a tweet that "every vote will be counted."

John Bolton said Trump falsely declaring victory is a 'disgrace' and one of the most irresponsible things a president has ever done
  • John Bolton, President Donald Trump's former national security advisor, described Trump's false declaration of victory in the presidential race as a "disgrace."
  • "He has cast doubt on the integrity of the entire electoral process clearly for his own personal advantage," Bolton told Sky News.
  • Trump had earlier claimed that "we have already won," and falsely declared victory in states where the result of the election had not been declared.

Fox Corporation CEO says he would welcome the new competition if Donald Trump started a rival network
  • During a recent earnings call, Fox Corporation CEO Lachlan Murdoch said he is open to competition from a possible Trump-founded competitor to Fox News.
  • While Fox News has long been a focus of Trump and his allies, in recent months, the network has distanced itself from some prominent supporters of the president.
  • The president has instead spoken favorably about One America News Network.

China, Russia Delight in U.S. Election Uncertainty
Americans did not know who had won their presidential election by early Wednesday morning, but the international reaction was clear.

Adversaries practically rejoiced at a U.S. electorate split in half by widespread divisiveness and defiant of pre-election expectations, which they heralded as a sign of the inherent flaws in the world's oldest democracy and hypocrisy of its rule of law. Meanwhile, the country's closest allies expressed shock, as well as dismay, lamenting that an America divided at home can likely do little good abroad.

... "It is already clear that the deep foundations of American democracy, including the most proud slogan of its propaganda – about the rule of law and order in the country – are being tested for strength," Russia declared in an op-ed on its Russian-language state news service Tass.

In an op-ed on a state news service, China almost gleefully declared what it perceives as an end to the American system of government.

"What was uncertain in the past was the result of the election, while the election process would always remain certain," read a column in the English-language Global Times, which is not a direct mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party but is aligned with its views. "Disputes, chaos and the refusal of election results by certain candidates were supposed to take place in developing countries where political conditions were not stable, and definitely not in a country like the U.S."

"But things have changed – all these have occurred in the U.S., and the U.S. is not synonymous to a stable, civilized and consensus-based society anymore," according to the column.

The US's top cybersecurity agency just threw cold water on Trump's claim that election results in battleground states are fraudulent
  • The US's top cybersecurity agency publicly debunked President Donald Trump's claims that the results of the 2020 election result in a few battleground states are fraudulent.
  • In a series of tweets Wednesday, the president claimed that mystery ballots in favor of the Democratic nominee Joe Biden are appearing out of nowhere in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.
  • The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), threw cold water on that claim shortly after, saying it was a "rumor" to suggest that "if results as reported on election night change over the ensuing days or weeks, the process is hacked or compromised, so I can't trust the results."
  • The "reality" is that "Election results reporting may occur more slowly than prior years," CISA said. "This does not indicate there is any problem with the counting process or results."
  • "Official results are not certified until all validly cast ballots have been counted, including ballots that are counted after election night," the agency added.

Total votes per presidential candidate
Biden breaks record with most votes won by any presidential candidate in US history
  • Democratic nominee Joe Biden has smashed election records, earning more votes than any presidential candidate in US history.
  • The former vice president has amassed about 70.8 million votes as of 2:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday.
  • Former President Barack Obama had held the record since 2008, when he received 69,456,897 votes.
  • President Donald Trump is trailing Biden about by about 3 million votes.

Nearly 140 million votes have been cast so far, the highest amount ever in a US presidential election
  • Almost 140 million votes have been cast in the 2020 election so far, according to results from Insider and Decision Desk HQ.
  • This marks the highest number of ballots counted in a presidential election ever, exceeding 2016's record of 137.1 million votes.
  • Votes are still being tallied across the nation as the US is on track to shatter turnout rates in recent election history.

International Observation Mission Rebukes Trump’s Comments on 2020 Election Results
Officials from an international observation mission on Wednesday delivered a strong rebuke of recent comments by President Donald Trump, who has been attempting to sow doubt in the results of the 2020 presidential election.

While not addressing him by name and instead referring to him as the incumbent president, two leaders of a team from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, which for weeks has been on an invited observation mission in the United States, said that Trump's comments "harm public trust in democratic institutions."

... Michael Georg Link, the special coordinator and leader of the OSCE's short-term observer mission, described Trump's allegations as "baseless."

"We feel that allegations of systemic wrongdoings during these elections have no solid ground," added Ambassador Urszula Gacek, the head of the limited election observation mission, noting the "deliberate attempts by the incumbent president to weaken confidence in the election process."

In fact, despite the "stress test" of "significant restrictions" caused by the coronavirus pandemic which expanded mail-in voting capabilities in many states, the U.S. electoral system "held up well," added Link. He said that "Election Day itself was orderly and took place in a peaceful atmosphere," noting observers' experiences watching the counting of mail-in ballots in Michigan and finding "no indication of a problem."

Highly competitive elections in US tarnished by legal uncertainty and unprecedented attempts to undermine public trust, international observers say
Voter identification requirements disproportionately affect certain groups, creating an undue hurdle for them in casting their votes. At the same time, an estimated 5.2 million citizens are disenfranchised due to a criminal conviction, although about half of them have already served their sentences. These voting restrictions contravene the principle of universal suffrage.

Trump is falsely claiming the election is being stolen, when in reality legal votes are just being counted
  • President Donald Trump has falsely claimed the election is being stolen, when in reality votes are just being counted.
  • The unprecedented number of mail-in ballots in 2020 guaranteed the election would be complicated and that it would take more time than usual for votes to be counted.
  • Counting votes is very different than stealing votes, which Trump has suggested as Joe Biden has been declared the winner in key battleground states.

Trump is trying to claim the presidency by saying 'we hereby claim' key states but that is not how elections work
  • President Donald Trump attempted to "claim" victories in battleground states on Wednesday, though he cannot decide the election outcome.
  • "We have claimed, for Electoral Vote purposes, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania," the president tweeted on Wednesday.
  • The only way to determine a winner is through electoral votes.
There is no legal weight to a candidate claiming victory, even if its the president. The only method to determine a winner is through electoral votes. States appoint a number of electors equal to the number of representatives they have in Congress to the Electoral College, a system that was devised in the 18th century by the founders of the United States. With the exception of Maine and Nebraska, every state appoints all of its electoral college votes to the candidate who wins the most votes.

Trump and his Republican allies want to keep counting votes in 2 states where they're behind and stop counting votes in 3 states where they're ahead
  • President Donald Trump filed lawsuits on Wednesday in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan to halt the battleground states from counting remaining votes.
  • Meanwhile, the president and his Republican allies are insisting that Arizona and Nevada — where Trump is behind Biden and looking for crucial electoral vote pickups — continue counting the votes.
  • Trump-supporting protesters chanted "Stop the count!" outside of some ballot-counting centers and "Count that vote!" outside others.
The delayed vote counts in so many states is in part a result of the surge in mail-in voting amid the pandemic. But in several states, including Pennsylvania, GOP-controlled state legislatures have refused to pass or blocked legislation that would've allowed state election officials to begin processing the mail-in and early ballots before Election Day to speed up the process.

Several reporters have pointed out the inconsistency in the GOP message on vote-counting.

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