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Misleading claim spreads online that AstraZeneca/Oxford Covid-19 vaccine contains MRC-5 foetal cells
A video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times in multiple posts on Facebook which claim it shows that the AstraZeneca/Oxford Covid-19 vaccine contains MRC-5 cells originally taken from an aborted human foetus. The claim is misleading: the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine does not contain MRC-5 cells, according to the Oxford Vaccine Group, which is working with AstraZeneca to create the vaccine. It did use a cell-line originally cultivated from a different aborted foetus during its development but they are not in the final product.

Misleading claims about the UN removing cannabis from its list of narcotics circulate online
Multiple Facebook posts have shared a claim that the United Nations has voted to remove cannabis from “the list of narcotics drugs”. The claim is misleading; a UN body did vote to remove cannabis from the list of most dangerous drugs, but as of December 2020, it remains listed among over 130 of internationally controlled narcotics.