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False claims of deadly strike on Chinese troops in US spread online
Articles and social media posts say 50,000 of Beijing’s soldiers were killed in a strike on a bunker in Maine -- part of a series of baseless claims about Chinese military action in North America. But local authorities said there was no evidence of either foreign troops or a deadly blast in the northeastern US state.

US medical association did not change stance on hydroxychloroquine as Covid-19 treatment
American conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh claims the American Medical Association (AMA) admitted it “lied” about hydroxychloroquine and rescinded a recommendation against using it to treat Covid-19. This is false; the AMA said it stands by its previous position -- which was not a blanket advisory against using the drug for that purpose -- and its original statement on the issue still appears on the organization’s website.

Alabama Officials Debunk False Claim of COVID-19 Vaccine Death
A false claim that an unidentified nurse died after getting the COVID-19 vaccine in Alabama has been feeding into the anti-vaccine disinformation online. The Alabama Department of Public Health reported that no one who has received the vaccine has died.