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Old footage of atheist invocation does not show the new American government praying to Satan
Footage of a man delivering an atheist invocation to various gods has been shared thousands of times on Facebook claiming to show the new American government praying to Satan. This is misleading; AFP Fact Check traced the video to 2014, long before US president-elect Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential race.

Misleading claim about US prescription drug prices spreads on social media
Posts shared millions of times on Facebook claim that prescription drug prices in the United States rose in the eight years preceding President Donald Trump's term and that costs have since fallen faster than at any point since 1967. But these claims are misleading and show a selective picture of how drug prices are measured, according to health policy experts.

No, Obama was not arrested for espionage
According to online claims spurred by the Conservative Beaver, a two-month old website, former US president Barack Obama was arrested on November 28, 2020 on espionage charges. This is false; all the evidence used in the article was plagiarized from a Department of Justice news release about a former CIA officer arrested in August 2020 in Hawaii. No other news outlets reported on the arrest.

This clip actually shows a 2014 White House event marking Gandhi’s birthday
A video has been shared hundreds of times in multiple Facebook posts alongside a claim that it shows a Sanskrit-language poem being recited during a Hindu ceremony, held ahead of “the first entry” of US president-elect Joe Biden into the White House. However, this claim is false; the clip actually shows a 2014 event at the White House, marking the birthday of Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi.