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Social media posts share false claim that South Korea’s Covid-19 frontline workers are paid $13 daily wage
Multiple posts shared repeatedly on Facebook claim that South Korean frontline health workers are paid US $13.35 (14,600 South Korean won) per day during the coronavirus pandemic. The claim is false; South Korea's Health Ministry told AFP that the figure is a subsidy paid to frontline workers, not their total wage.

Nancy Pelosi did not fake Covid-19 vaccination with capped needle
Facebook posts claim US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi pretended to receive a Covid-19 vaccine using a syringe that had a cap over the needle. This is false; an image of the top Democratic lawmaker being vaccinated makes clear that the needle was uncovered when the shot was administered.

Report alleging election fraud in Michigan county is ‘baseless’
A report that is part of a lawsuit against Antrim County, Michigan claims the county’s quickly-corrected election night vote tally glitch was not due to human error, as the state said, but rather intentional election fraud. This is false; Michigan’s secretary of state called the claims “baseless,” and the company that provided the vote tabulation machines denied the allegations.

Flawed Calculation Behind False Claim of Fraudulent Votes
President Donald Trump and tens of thousands of others have shared a false claim on social media that there were “13 MILLION” more votes cast in the 2020 election than eligible voters who participated. That falsehood rests on a flawed calculation.