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False Facebook posts shared in Myanmar claim Donald Trump won the US election in 2020
Multiple Facebook posts shared hundreds of times in Myanmar claim Donald Trump “fought back” to “win” the US presidential election in 2020. This claim is false; Joe Biden defeated incumbent US president Donald Trump in the 2020 election; as of December 4, Trump’s legal challenges to prove what he claims were instances of voter fraud in some states have all failed, with officials saying there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud; the misleading posts shared screenshots of a YouTube video that was not produced by a reputable media organisation.

CNN did not back-pedal and say Trump will win US presidency
A video has been shared thousands of times on Facebook with claims that after initially calling the US election for Joe Biden, American TV network CNN had back-pedalled and was now saying President Donald Trump would win a second term. This is misleading; the video uses a clip from CNN anchor Fareed Zarakia predating the election in which he simply laid out a hypothetical way that Trump could win.

Campaign crowd photos misleadingly used to question Biden’s record popular vote
Social media posts contrast photos of large political events held by Barack Obama in 2008 and Donald Trump in 2020 to smaller gatherings for Joe Biden in 2020 to cast doubt on the historic number of votes received by Biden. The images mislead; the 2020 presidential campaign was heavily impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic, with Biden opting for socially-distanced gatherings, while Trump continued to hold traditional rallies.

Video of Dominion Voting employee in Georgia does not show election fraud
A tweet shared more than 27,000 times claims that a video shows a Dominion Voting Systems employee in a Georgia county improperly storing and transferring ballot data, adding to so far-unproven fraud claims about the 2020 presidential election. This is misleading; a county representative and Georgia’s voting system implementation manager said that the Dominion employee was following standard procedure, and the company denied fraud allegations on Twitter.