Fox News Anchor Maria Bartiromo: Everything she does fuses into politics. She's become unmoored. — A Financial Industry Executive
Fox News Anchor Maria Bartiromo: Everything she does fuses into politics. She's become unmoored. — A Financial Industry Executive
CEOs are steering clear of Fox News' Maria Bartiromo and denying her interviews, sources say
  • Some CEOs are denying interviews to Maria Bartiromo as she gets ready to try out on Fox News' opinion line-up.
  • Sources say Bartiromo's non-critical Trump interview and controversial political statements make her too risky to be associated with.
  • Fox News refuted the claims, sharing a list of Bartiromo's sit-downs with the Goya CEO and healthcare bosses.
Maria Bartiromo is getting rebuffed by some in Corporate America as she prepares for an upcoming stint as a Fox News opinion anchor, according to seven people who work in major financial institutions and financial communications executives.

Bartiromo, who anchors "Mornings with Maria," on Fox Business, among other shows, is about to get a try-out on a new opinion hour on Fox News at 7 p.m. The new show is said to focus on economics and policy, according to an insider.

Bartiromo and her team have been making calls to sources to help book guests on the show, but several of these business executives say there is too much risk involved in appearing on air with her. Former Wall Street executives who used to be a layup for her have turned her down, they say.

"She's having trouble getting CEOs," said one person familiar with the situation.

... "Everything she does fuses into politics. She's become unmoored," said one financial industry executive.

A second financial communications executive had recommended a conservative-leaning client appear on Bartiromo's show "Mornings with Maria," but the client declined, citing the political overhang.

"She's really pro-Trump and her show became a political show, not a business show," this person said, adding that it was tricky for business executives to be sandwiched between politicians because the subject matter and questions could become unpredictable.

... While some others might have been willing to talk to the veteran anchor in the past, a financial communications executive said the Black Lives Matter protests and riots in the summer have made Bartiromo a no-go since September. In some cases, financial communications executives are recommending against appearing; in other cases, they say clients are deciding for themselves.

The anchor has been widely criticized for not pushing back hard enough on President Trump's claims of unsubstantiated election fraud claims.

Multiple business sources say that Bartiromo's softball Trump interviews, coupled with the upcoming proxy season, make her a risky bet. That's a time when shareholders get to question corporations on their policies. Shareholders and activists may question such things as diversity and inclusion programs, topics related to the environment, social responsibility and governance. Saying the wrong thing in an interview can spark an employee or shareholder backlash, or a lashing on social media.
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