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Social media posts mislead on South Korean coronavirus vaccine
Social media posts claim the South Korean government will provide all citizens with a free Covid-19 vaccine made by pharmaceutical giant Celltrion. The claim is false; Celltrion told AFP that it is not developing or producing a Covid-19 vaccine and has no plans to do so.

Impeachment alone does not remove Trump’s benefits
Social media posts shared thousands of times claim that Donald Trump’s second impeachment means he loses a substantial pension, a travel allowance, Secret Service protection, and the “ability to run in 2024.” This is false; experts say none of the claimed consequences would apply without further action by the Senate, and that he is entitled to Secret Service protection regardless.

Bogus Claim Swirls Ahead of Biden Inauguration
A bogus headline on social media claims that President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration has been cancelled and that major TV networks are set to “lose” their “licenses.” The falsehood relies on a debunked post wrongly claiming that President Donald Trump has “invoked” the Insurrection Act and will remain in power.

Biden’s inauguration has not been cancelled; organizers are pairing traditional elements of the ceremony with virtual components in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and security has been heightened in Washington, D.C. following the Capitol riot. And there is no evidence that major television networks are set to lose their licenses, either.

Contrary to the bogus report, the transfer of power and planning for the inauguration continue. On Jan. 15, the Presidential Inaugural Committee for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris released a schedule of inauguration events; the Associated Press reported that Vice President Mike Pence had called to congratulate Harris, as well as offer assistance ahead of the inauguration; and Republican Sen. John Cornyn confirmed he will attend the inauguration.