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Footage of movie props and flu shot clips used to falsely claim world leaders' Covid-19 vaccines were 'staged'
A video has been viewed thousands of times in Facebook, Twitter and YouTube posts that claim it shows a man explaining how retractable syringes are used to stage the Covid-19 vaccinations of world leaders. The claim is false: the footage of a retractable syringe has been taken from the TikTok account of a movie prop master. Two of the other clips used in the misleading video actually show public figures getting flu vaccines in 2019.

Doctored news graphic falsely claims Filipino official branded poor people a ‘burden’ in coronavirus vaccination drive
A photo repeatedly shared on Facebook purports to show a news graphic containing genuine remarks by a Philippine presidential spokesperson that poor people are a “burden” on the government's coronavirus vaccination efforts. The claim is false: the purported graphic has been doctored to add the fabricated remarks about the poor.

Beware false job ads - WHO does not recruit through third-party job portals
A post circulating on Facebook claims the World Health Organization (WHO) is recruiting via a job portal called the Recruitment Trust. But this is false: the UN agency has confirmed it only hires people through its official careers website.

Video misleadingly purports to show Covid-19 prevention tips from 'Thai hospital dean'
A video has been viewed thousands of times in multiple Facebook posts alongside a claim it shows the dean of a Thai hospital giving Covid-19 prevention tips, including the importance of boosting your immune system. The claim is misleading: the woman in the misleading video is not a Thai hospital dean. Health experts told AFP that having a healthy immune system does not entirely preclude the possibility that someone will develop Covid-19 symptoms.