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Social media posts mislead on Pfizer-BioNTech vaccinations in Norway
Multiple Facebook posts shared repeatedly in January 2021 claim 23 people are “dead from” the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine in Norway. The claim is misleading: as of January 22, 2021, health authorities in Norway have said there was no direct causal link between the deaths and the Covid-19 vaccinations.
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US government document shared alongside false claim that Obama 'funded Al-Qaeda'
A screenshot of a US Senate memorandum has circulated in social media posts that claim the US government declared former US President Barack Obama a “funder of Al-Qaeda”. The claim is false: the memorandum states a US Senate investigation determined that World Vision, a US-government funded charity, bore "sole responsibility" for partnering with the Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA), a group that had been sanctioned by the US for funding extremist groups.
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NASA refutes it confirmed the possibility of the sun rising from the west
Facebook posts shared thousands of times claim that US space agency NASA announced the possibility of the sun rising from the west, which is caused by the earth spinning in the opposite direction and is a sign that doomsday is approaching. Contacted by AFP, NASA said the claim was false.
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Phony Trump Letter to Biden Circulating Online
A fake letter purported to be the one left by former President Donald Trump for President Joe Biden has been circulating online. The phony letterhead template — which has been used to satirize Trump before — gives it away.
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National Guard troops did not snub Biden on Inauguration Day
A video showing National Guard members facing away from Joe Biden as his motorcade drove to the Capitol on Inauguration Day was portrayed in online articles and social media posts as a refusal to recognize the new president. But the soldiers in the footage were looking away as part of their duty on a safety perimeter, the National Guard told AFP.
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Viral Video Makes False and Unsupported Claims About Vaccines
A viral video makes a series of inaccurate and unfounded arguments for why people should not receive any vaccines, including those for COVID-19.

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the globe, anti-vaccination activists try to undermine people’s confidence by spreading misinformation around the safety, efficacy and value of the COVID-19 vaccines.

... Baker, who describes himself as a healer who’s not anti-vaccine but anti-everything, has created a business selling misinformation about vaccines. In April, Facebook removed Baker’s ad account and page after he falsely claimed that a “silver spray” sold on his website protected people from COVID-19. In another video shared on TikTok and fact-checked by PolitiFact, he said people were dying because of the economic collapse caused by the pandemic, not from COVID-19.

In this video, Baker adds a disclaimer saying he’s not giving medical advice. But he is.
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Missing Context on Claim About ‘Antifa.com’
Social media posts point out that the web address antifa.com now redirects to the White House website. That’s true, but in need of some important context: Whoever owns a domain name can instruct it to reroute to whichever website they’d like. n other words, the owner of antifa.com can set up the redirect to whitehouse.gov without the White House’s permission.

... A Biden campaign official said at the time that “whoever owns antifa.com is redirecting it to our website as a troll.”
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Posts inflate job losses from Biden's Keystone pipeline reversal
Facebook posts claim that President Joe Biden’s revocation of the Keystone XL oil pipeline construction permit will cost tens of thousands of jobs. This is misleading; the company behind the pipeline extension from Alberta to Nebraska said 1,000 American and Canadian jobs will be immediate casualties of Biden’s action, though employment had been expected to exceed 11,000 US workers in 2021.
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Paul Distorts CBO’s Estimate on Impact of $15 Minimum Wage
Raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour would cause 1.3 million workers to become jobless in an average week in 2025, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s median estimate.

Republican Sen. Rand Paul’s claim that the government estimates the pay increase would lead to unemployment for “close to” or “almost 4 million people” refers to the high end of CBO’s range of potential outcomes. The low end of the range was “about zero” jobs lost, CBO said.

Paul, who has opposed past efforts to increase the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, made the claim about job losses in at least two Jan. 20 interviews in which he talked about early actions taken in President Joe Biden’s administration.
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Biden’s first-day executive orders were not blank
Social media posts claim videos and images of Joe Biden signing executive orders on the first day of his presidency show him endorsing blank pages. This is false; although the text on the documents is barely visible in a recording of the event, enhanced stills shows that the pages were not blank.
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