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New ‘Patriot Party’ is not backed by Trump
Facebook posts claim that former president Donald Trump has formed a new political organization called the “Patriot Party,” providing a Federal Election Commission (FEC) document as evidence. This is false; a fundraising committee by that name has been registered with the FEC, but Trump’s team says neither he nor his campaign have ties to it.
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Vitamin K shots for newborns prevent potentially deadly bleeding
Misleading claims about the purported dangers of a vitamin K shot being given to babies are circulating across social media. But the injection of the essential vitamin, which aids in clotting, has been tested for safety, and is recommended by pediatricians in the United States and Canada as the best way to prevent potentially deadly bleeding in newborns and infants.
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Hall of Famer Hank Aaron’s death unrelated to Covid-19 vaccination
Social media posts and an online article link Atlanta baseball legend Hank Aaron’s death to his Moderna Covid-19 vaccination, with some posts seeking to raise fears among Black people about the safety of vaccines against the disease. But the vaccines have been tested for safety, and a medical examiner as well as Morehouse School of Medicine, where Aaron was vaccinated, said his death was unrelated to the immunization.
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Soybean and corn price drop not linked to Biden’s executive orders
A tweet shared tens of thousands of times on social media claims President Joe Biden’s executive orders caused a fall in soybean and corn prices. This is misleading; Biden focused his initial actions on the coronavirus pandemic and priorities outside the agricultural sector, while analysts said the markets were due for a selloff and not linked to a particular decision from the new administration.
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Facebook users in South Korea share misleading advice outlining 'how to refuse' Covid-19 vaccinations
As South Korean lawmakers debate new legislation that would stipulate how Covid-19 vaccines should be administered in the country, some South Korean social media users shared posts which claimed citizens can refuse to be vaccinated based on two medical ethic codes. The claim, however, lacks important context: the two ethics codes — the Oath of Hippocrates and the Declaration of Geneva — do not relate to a patient’s rights and are not legally binding. The proposed Covid-19 vaccination bill in South Korea is set to include exemptions for people with "special circumstances", such as underlying diseases or allergies, according to a spokesperson for one lawmaker who proposed it.
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Debunked claim of children dying in Guinea from Covid-19 vaccine resurfaces
A YouTube video shared hundreds of times has resurfaced with an old claim that two children in Guinea died after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine. This is false; the video was based on a news report about Guinean children who fell ill in March 2019 after taking anti-parasite drugs. AFP Fact Check previously debunked this claim in May 2020, months before any Covid-19 vaccine contenders had been approved.
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The US National Institutes of Health did not recommend ivermectin to treat Covid-19 patients
A Facebook post claiming the anti-parasite drug ivermectin has been “officially recommended” by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to treat Covid-19 in the US has been shared more than 100 times in South Africa. The claim is false; the NIH confirmed to AFP Fact Check that there is not yet enough data to “recommend either for or against the use of ivermectin for the treatment of Covid-19” in the US. Furthermore, it is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that approves drugs in the US, not the NIH.
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Fake Twitter account for US President Biden shares post praising Indian Prime Minister Modi
Shortly after US President Joe Biden took office on January 20, 2021, an image surfaced online that purported to show a tweet from him thanking Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and referring to him as a “world leader”. The claim is false; the tweet was published on an imposter account that has since been suspended.
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Indonesian president’s Covid-19 jab remarks included in 2018 diphtheria vaccination video
A video viewed hundreds of thousands of times on TikTok, Facebook and YouTube purports to show hundreds of children falling sick after receiving Covid-19 vaccines in Indonesia. The claim is false; the footage actually shows students who fell ill following a diphtheria jab in 2018; the audio in the video has been edited to include Indonesian President Joko Widodo's remarks about Covid-19 vaccines.
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