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Posts falsely claim Sri Lankan opposition party launched Covid-19 charity campaign for artists
Photos purporting to show members of a Sri Lankan opposition party delivering care packages to artists affected by the Covid-19 pandemic have circulated in multiple posts on Facebook. The photos, however, have been doctored; party symbols were digitally inserted into pictures from a genuine charity campaign. A party spokesman also told AFP that the organisation was not involved in the campaign.
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Video misleads on UK PM Boris Johnson’s comments about efficacy of Covid-19 testing
A video of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been viewed thousands of times in multiple social media posts that show him saying Covid-19 testing “only works in seven per cent of the cases”. The posts were shared with a caption that reads: “COVID tests 93% inaccurate”. The claim is misleading: Johnson was not commenting on the overall efficacy of Covid-19 testing. The video shows him quoting a government report that states Covid-19 testing for people coming into the UK detected just seven per cent of cases on the first test. The report stated that between 85 and 98 per cent of cases were detected if a second Covid-19 test was given to returned travellers during their quarantine period.
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