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Steve Bannon claims he's getting millions of streams for his podcast, which is banned from YouTube and Twitter but still listed by Apple
  • Former White House strategist Steve Bannon claims his podcast is listened to millions of times.
  • He was delisted from Twitter and YouTube, but people can still find him on Apple's podcast app.
  • His show has hyped false election claims and encouraged Trump protesters before the Capitol breach.
Former White House strategist Steve Bannon has claimed that his podcast, "Bannon War Room," has racked up 29 million streams to date, even after he was removed from Twitter and YouTube, according to ProPublica.

Bannon, an ally of former President Donald Trump, hosts the show which goes out several times a day, ProPublica reported.

In recent weeks, he has spent hours exploring spurious claims of widespread election fraud on the show, claiming the rightful winner was Trump, according to the outlet.

Neither Apple nor Bannon immediately responded to Insider's request for comment.
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A plane was spotted flying near Mar-a-Lago with a banner taunting Trump as the 'worst president ever'
  • A plane carrying a banner calling Donald Trump the "worst president ever" was spotted this weekend flying near Mar-A-Lago, his luxury Florida resort.
  • Trump has been staying at Mar-A-Lago since he left the White House.
  • Another banner told Trump "you pathetic loser go back to Moscow."
The banner echoes a similar incident in 2018 when a man flew a paraglider over Trump's Turnberry golf resort in Scotland in protest at the president's visit there. The paraglider trailed a message reading "Trump: well below par #resist."
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GOP Sen. Josh Hawley wrote a column in defense of the Oklahoma City bomber when he was 15
  • Sen. Josh Hawley wrote a column defending militia members when he was 15 years old.
  • The column was published in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing.
  • Hawley supported Trump's voter-fraud claims in the wake of the 2020 presidential election.
The Kansas City Star reported that following the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Hawley wrote a column for his hometown paper, The Lexington News, in which he warned against calling anti-government militia members domestic terrorists.

Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols — the men who carried out the bombing that killed 169 people — had ties with the Michigan Militia, an anti-government group dating back to the 1990s.

"Many of the people populating these movements are not radical, right-wing, pro-assault weapons freaks as they were originally stereotyped," Hawley wrote about militia groups. "Dismissed by the media and treated with disdain by their elected leaders, these citizens come together and form groups that often draw more media fire as anti-government hate gatherings."

"Feeling alienated from their government and the rest of society, they often become disenchanted and slip into talks of 'conspiracy theories' about how the federal government is out to get them," he added.

Also in the column, Hawley said former Los Angeles police detective Mark Fuhrman was being unfairly depicted as a racist after his use of racial slurs became known during the OJ Simpson trial.

"In this politically correct society, derogatory labels such as 'racist' are widely misused, and our ability to have open debate is eroding," he wrote.
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Trump's Secret Service detail could be subpoenaed to testify against him in criminal proceedings and former agents are stressed about it
  • Trump's Secret Service detail could be forced to testify against him in future legal proceedings.
  • He's facing possible civil and criminal charges now that he's lost his presidential immunity.
  • Former agents are worried Trump's security detail could be drawn into the middle of legal proceedings.
Donald Trump is entitled to lifetime protection by a Secret Service detail, but those same agents could also be hauled into court to testify against him under oath.

It's a prospect that might have seemed outlandish, even until recently, but now appears real as Trump is expected to face a raft of criminal and civil challenges in federal and state courts now that he's lost his presidential immunity.

There's clear precedent for Secret Service officials to be compelled to testify against sitting presidents, and legal experts and former agents say Trump's protective detail could also be subject to subpoenas.

"There's no doubt that the Secret Service could be subpoenaed," said Michael Gerhardt, a constitutional law professor at the University of North Carolina School of Law in Chapel Hill.

There's no legal privilege that would prevent agents from sharing information about potential criminal behavior or the abuse of power that they might have witnessed while doing their job.

"There are so many ways in which we're in uncharted territory right now," said Stephen Vladeck, a constitutional law expert at the University of Texas School of Law.

... There's no telling "what kind of illegal or unethical activity the Trump family has engaged in" in the presence of Secret Service agents, Donald Sherman, deputy director of the nonpartisan watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, told Insider.
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DOJ watchdog opens investigation into whether department officials 'engaged in an improper attempt' to overturn the 2020 election
  • The DOJ inspector general is investigating if any department officials tried to interfere with the 2020 election results.
  • The probe "will encompass all relevant allegations that may arise" related to any current or former officials.
  • The New York Times reported earlier that Trump wanted to install a loyalist atop the DOJ to throw out Georgia's election results.
Last week's report revealed the latest in a series of steps Trump and his allies took to wield the US's primary law enforcement agency as a weapon in his crusade to throw out the 2020 election results.
  • Trump forced out Attorney General William Barr after he publicly confirmed that the DOJ did not uncover evidence of widespread voter or election fraud.
  • Trump tried and failed to strong-arm the DOJ into appointing a special counsel to investigate voter fraud claims.
  • Before he resigned, Barr acceded to Trump's repeated cries of election malfeasance and authorized investigations into voter fraud, in violation of DOJ policy.
  • Barr ordered the DOJ to roll back a longstanding policy that stopped prosecutors from taking investigative steps that could affect the outcome of an election.
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Biden administration taking steps to speed up putting Harriet Tubman on $20 bill
  • The Biden administration is moving to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill as soon as possible.
  • The Obama era plan to put Tubman on the $20 bill was criticized by former President Donald Trump.
  • The White House said it's important US money reflects "the history and diversity of our country."
Trump, still a presidential candidate in 2016, criticized the plan to replace Jackson on the $20 bill as "pure political correctness," stating that it would be more "appropriate" to put Tubman on another "denomination."

"Been on the bill for many, many years and really represented — somebody that was really very important to this country," Trump said in reference to Jackson, a slaveowner who as president signed the Indian Removal Act, which led thousands of Native Americans to die as they were forcibly removed from their lands in an act that is widely regarded as ethnic cleansing.

Tubman, who was born in Maryland, led dozens of enslaved Black people to freedom on the Underground Railroad. At the height of the Civil War in 1863, Tubman also became the first woman to lead an armed military raid and liberated more than 700 enslaved Black people in the process.
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A woman charged in the Capitol insurrection used an 'emergency holiday' at her job as a corrections officer to join Trump's rally that led to the deadly riot
  • Marissa Suarez took an 'emergency holiday' from work to go to the Trump's "Stop the Steal" protest that descended into a riot at the Capitol on January 6, according to a criminal affidavit.
  • The criminal affidavit says Suarez works as a probationary corrections officer at a jail in New Jersey.
  • Court documents show she texted someone"Sooo we've stormed Capitol Hill lol" during the insurrection.
Prosecutors say Suarez sent a number of texts while inside the building, including messages that said, "Sooo we've stormed Capitol Hill lol," "We're inside," "This is insane," and "On our way back… s--- got violent so we left."

Suarez texted about the insurrection on January 7, too, prosecutors said.

The affidavit cited texts in which she shared videos and said: "When we found out pence f----- us, we all stormed the Capitol building and everyone forced entry and started breaking s---.. it was a like a scene out of a movie."

In another text, she claimed it was Antifa that was "getting ready to throw a Jack Daniels" bottle at police officers.

Claims that Antifa was involved in the Capitol insurrection have been debunked.
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Trump furiously watching Fauci's interviews about Biden
  • Since Biden became president, Dr. Anthony Fauci has spoken about his relief that Trump is out.
  • Sources told The Daily Beast that Trump had been hate-watching Fauci's TV interviews.
  • One source said Trump felt that "people are working to downgrade his legacy out of hatred."
Former President Donald Trump has been obsessively and furiously watching Dr. Anthony Fauci's TV interviews since President Joe Biden took office, The Daily Beast reported on Sunday, citing sources.

Fauci has been transparent about his relief to be working under a new administration, saying at a White House press briefing on Thursday that it was "a somewhat liberating feeling."

While Fauci wasn't afraid of contradicting Trump's misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic, he stopped short of directly criticizing Trump when he was president or talking about the politics of the coronavirus task force.

But it seems the filter is off now that Biden's boss.

The Daily Beast, citing two sources, reported that Trump had been closely watching Fauci's media tour from his new home at Mar-a-Lago, whining about how "incompetent" Fauci was and how he should have fired the infectious-disease expert when he had the chance.

(Trump, in fact, did not have the power to directly fire Fauci because he is a civil-service employee and not a political appointee.)

The Daily Beast reported that Trump was angry that he couldn't tweet about Fauci,
as his Twitter account was permanently suspended in the wake of the Capitol riot.
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Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows considered working at the Trump Organization because of a lack of job prospects, report says
  • Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows considered getting a job at the Trump Organization, Politico reported on Monday.
  • The top aide to former President Donald Trump had looked into the employment opportunity because of a lack of job prospects, the report said.
  • Meadows joined the White House at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic last year, and quickly faced immense criticism for the Trump administration's response.
Meadows has evaded the public eye since the attack on the Capitol, though in the days and weeks prior, he had widely promoted Trump's baseless election claims of voter fraud. "We're now at well over 100 House members and a dozen Senators ready to stand up for election integrity and object to certification. It's time to fight back," Meadows said in his last tweet on his personal account, dated January 2.

The former adviser left the White House on Inauguration Day last week and attended Trump's farewell speech before the president departed for his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

... In May, Meadows had reportedly hosted a 70-person wedding for his daughter in Atlanta, Georgia, violating the state's COVID-19 restrictions. Meadows himself tested positive for COVID-19 in November, days after attending a packed election night party at the White House.

Meadows also came under scrutiny in October from a government watchdog that accused him of misusing campaign funds for personal spending. Before his White House role, Meadows had served in Congress, representing North Carolina for seven years.
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Biden brought the button Trump used to order Diet Cokes back to the Oval Office
  • Former President Donald Trump used a call button in the Oval Office to order Diet Cokes from staff.
  • President Joe Biden initially moved the button off the Resolute desk during his first day in office.
  • But it appears the call button — which has been around for decades — is back.
Call Button
Photos from Monday show the call box sitting next to Biden's phones, in the same place Trump placed the box when he would sit at there.

It's unclear if Biden has a specific use for the button, or if it will be used more generally.
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