‘Declaration of War’: Protesters in Poland Vow to Fight Abortion Ban

Women’s rights advocates and thousands of their allies vowed to continue fighting a near-total ban on abortions that came into effect on Wednesday.
Demonstrators vowed to keep protesting Poland’s new abortion law, which went into effect Wednesday, tightening the country’s already restrictive laws.
Women’s rights activists vowed to continue their fight against the ban on abortions for fetal abnormalities that went into effect on Wednesday, planning more protests and calling on doctors to defy the increasingly autocratic government of the Law and Justice Party.

“Women are really scared to get pregnant right now,” said a Polish journalist “Yesterday was not just a symbol of something. It was doomsday.”

Even before the ban, Poland’s abortion laws were among the most restrictive in Europe, allowing for termination of pregnancies only in cases of rape or incest, a threat to a woman’s life and fetal abnormalities. Now abortion is effectively outlawed in most cases.
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