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Age of consent not lowered by Biden administration
An image of a purported CNN news story shared on social media claims that President Joe Biden’s administration has lowered the US age of consent to eight. The claim is false; age of consent laws do not fall under presidential jurisdiction, and the screenshot of the article is doctored from an unrelated CNN story.
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Facebook posts falsely claim hydroxychloroquine can be homemade as treatment for Covid-19
Multiple Facebook posts shared repeatedly in January 2021 claim to reveal a recipe for hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug. The posts claim the drug is an alternative treatment for Covid-19, negating the need for Covid-19 vaccines. The posts go on to claim that hydroxychloroquine is “nothing but quinine”, referring to another anti-malaria medicine. The claims, however, are false. Medical experts warned the post's purported homemade recipe could pose a danger to people's health. As of February 11, 2021, health authorities in the US, New Zealand and Australia have said they do not endorse hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19. Experts also said quinine and hydroxychloroquine are not the same.
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NASA says this image was not taken during the US space agency’s Mars missions
A collage comparing two images — one that appears to show a rock formation in Bulgaria and another of a near-identical formation in a purported “original NASA photo of Mars” — has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook since 2014. The image comparison, however, is a hoax; NASA stated that the purported Mars photo was not taken by the US space agency.
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This is an edited photo of the Sun created by an independent photographer, not NASA
A photo has been shared tens of thousands of times in multiple Facebook posts alongside a claim it shows “the most clear picture of the Sun's surface” captured by US space agency NASA. The claim is false: the photo is an edited image that was taken by an independent photographer. NASA told AFP that the photo was "not a NASA image".
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Anti-vaxxer messages circulate online in Sri Lanka as island nation prepares for coronavirus vaccination drive
As Sri Lanka prepared to kick off a mass coronavirus vaccination drive, messages circulated on Facebook urging people in the island nation to cosume herbal remedies instead of taking the Covid-19 vaccine. The misleading claim was shared repeatedly in multiple posts. Medical experts told AFP that the purported remedies were not proven to prevent infection from Covid-19. They also emphasised that approved Covid-19 vaccines being offered in the country -- including the Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines -- had passed rigorous clinical trials and were safe.
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