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Nigeria was not on shortlist for first batch of COVAX-sponsored Pfizer vaccines, still eligible for others
Multiple posts shared thousands of times on Facebook claim that the World Health Organization (WHO) has “delisted” Nigeria from receiving Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines under the international effort known as COVAX. This is false; Nigeria was simply not among the four African nations chosen to receive the first batch of the limited doses, but it remains eligible for the shots and expects to receive AstraZeneca vaccine shipments later in February.
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Doctored photo purports to show US President Biden sleeping in Oval Office
An image purporting to show US President Joe Biden sleeping at his desk in the White House’s Oval Office has been shared on Facebook and Twitter. The image, however, has been manipulated; a photo of Biden appearing to fall asleep during a budget speech in 2011 has been digitally inserted onto a photo of him signing executive orders on January 20, 2021.
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Doctored photo falsely purports to show US Democrats wearing outfits emblazoned with swastikas
An image shared hundreds of times on Facebook purports to show prominent US Democratic Representatives, including Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, wearing outfits emblazoned with swastikas. The image, however, has been doctored from a photo which shows the politicians wearing outfits that do not display swastikas.
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Doctored photo falsely purports to show President Biden surrounded by scores of executive orders
A photo purportedly showing US President Joe Biden surrounded by huge piles of executive orders has been shared repeatedly on Facebook and in South Korean online forums. The image, however, has been doctored: the original photo shows Biden sitting in the Oval Office on January 20, 2021 with a much smaller pile of executive orders to be signed.
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