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Biden Administration Approved Texas Power Request, Contrary to False Claim
The U.S. Department of Energy approved a request to allow power plants in snowstorm-battered Texas to temporarily bypass some environmental limits during its energy crisis, in order to produce more power. Viral headlines falsely claim the department rejected the request.
Read the full article: https://www.factcheck.org/2021/02/biden-administration-approved-texas-power-request-contrary-to-false-claim/

This image has been doctored -- Michelle Obama in fact wore a necklace that read ‘VOTE’
An image purportedly showing former US first lady Michelle Obama wearing a necklace with letters that spell “MIKE” has been shared repeatedly on Facebook in February 2021. The image, however, has been doctored; original video shows that Obama in fact wore a necklace with letters that spell “VOTE”.
Read the full article: https://factcheck.afp.com/image-has-been-doctored-michelle-obama-fact-wore-necklace-read-vote

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