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After Trump loss, US vote conspiracy theory shifts to Myanmar
Social media users in America say that companies falsely accused of rigging the presidential election against Donald Trump were also employed in Myanmar, where the military cited alleged vote irregularities to justify a coup. But the claims are baseless; images and a watchdog group make clear that voting and counting was done by hand in Myanmar, and the election technology firms say their equipment was not used there.
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Buffett Didn’t Donate to Biden or Cause Pipeline to be ‘Cancelled’
Social media pages are spreading a false claim that President Joe Biden revoked the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline because of a campaign donation from Warren Buffett. Buffett did not donate to Biden’s campaign. President Joe Biden revoked the permit for the controversial addition to an oil pipeline from Canada as part of an executive order addressing environmental issues that he signed on his first day in office. Biden had promised during the campaign to nix the project.

Most importantly, Buffett didn’t donate any money to the Biden campaign, according to records from the Federal Election Commission. However, he did donate $248,500 in 2019 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which spent $330 million in support of Democratic House incumbents and candidates during the 2020 election.

The claim that Buffett gave $58 million to any candidate isn’t possible, though. Candidate campaigns are limited to accepting $2,800 per election from any one individual. All donations made by employees of Buffett’s holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, in the 2020 cycle totaled just $5.2 million and that was roughly split between Democrats and Republicans alike. That figure includes donations from Buffett.

As for the claim about Buffett’s concern for the pipeline — it’s true that Berkshire Hathaway owns BNSF Railway, which carries crude oil and has an interest in transporting Canada’s supply. But Buffett has publicly supported the Keystone XL Pipeline project. As early as 2012, he said on Fox Business, “I’m not an expert, but it generally sounds like it makes sense to me. … There are an awful lot of pipelines running through the United States. They have been a huge plus for the country.”
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Headlines Distort the Facts on CDC Mask Order
Some independent experts are now advising that wearing two masks — such as a cloth mask paired with a surgical mask — in some situations could provide greater benefit when it comes to controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus. The advice to improve masks comes as the U.S. documents cases of more transmissible variants of the virus.

Whether the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will officially endorse the advice of double-masking isn’t yet known. Officials have said they are currently exploring relevant data, and a CDC spokesperson told us the agency hopes to offer additional insight next week.

But the federal agency has not issued a “demand” that the public wear two masks, as a headline shared on social media claims.
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Doctor with expired license falsely claims masks don’t work
A YouTube video and social media posts claim a man blowing vape smoke through various face masks shows that they do not help prevent the spread of coronavirus. This is false; experts agree that while the virus itself is small enough to fit through mask fibers -- as is vape smoke -- masks do help stop the much-larger respiratory droplets that carry potentially infectious particles, and multiple studies have indicated that masks reduce transmission of the virus causing Covid-19.
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MyPillow CEO’s Video Rehashes Debunked Election Fraud Claims
A two-hour video, claiming to prove that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” from former President Donald Trump, has been viewed tens of thousands of times online and aired on the cable channel One America News Network. But the video rehashes baseless conspiracy theories and debunked claims.

Lindell’s assertion that the election was “stolen” from Trump has no factual basis and many of the claims he relies on in the roughly two-hour video have already been debunked.

Biden won both the Electoral College and the popular vote in an election federal, state and local election officials called “the most secure in American history.” Then-Attorney General William Barr said there were no signs of fraud on a scale that would have changed the results. A group of 59 election-security experts and computer scientists signed a letter explaining that widespread claims of fraud “either have been unsubstantiated or are technically incoherent.” Dozens of current and former Republican officials or party brass have publicly rejected the claims. And federal, state, and local courts that have been presented with allegations of fraud have dismissed the suits.
  • There Was No Cyberattack
  • Human Error in Antrim County, Michigan
Despite that, the falsehoods persist.
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