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Children of billionaire philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates have all been vaccinated
A now-deleted video shared on Facebook claimed that billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates had refused to inoculate his children, despite being an ardent supporter of vaccines. This is false: his wife Melinda Gates has previously confirmed that their three children have all been vaccinated. The couple's foundation also told AFP Fact that the kids were vaccinated.
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Article misleads on Merck’s decision to drop Covid-19 vaccines
An article shared on social media claims US pharmaceutical company Merck discontinued Covid-19 vaccine research and said recovering from the virus would be more effective. This is inaccurate; the company said it scrapped its vaccine candidates because they did not offer the same level of protection as other shots and produced an immune response “inferior” to that of natural infection, while medical experts said immunization is the safer option.
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Facebook posts falsely report 'arrest' of discredited US researcher who featured in 'Plandemic' video
Multiple Facebook posts shared in February 2021 claim police have detained discredited US researcher Judy Mikovits for "discovering evidence that deadly retroviruses are transmitted through vaccines". This is false: Mikovits has not been arrested in 2021. She was arrested and briefly jailed in 2011 for unlawfully taking data from her former employer, court documents show. The charges against her were dropped in 2012, according to US media reports. A 2009 study she co-authored on retroviruses did not focus on vaccines and was retracted. There are no credible reports that Mikovits has been detained in 2021.
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