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Canada Formally Declares Proud Boys a Terrorist Group
The designation could see bank accounts linked to the group frozen and assets seized, while also expanding police investigative powers.

Government officials said they believe Canada is the first nation to label the Proud Boys a terrorist entity. The events last month in Washington, they added, contributed to the move, which was already under consideration.

“Since 2018, we have seen an escalation, an escalation toward violence in this group,” Bill Blair, the public safety minister, told a news conference, adding that the Proud Boys and 12 other groups added to the list on Wednesday are “all hateful, intolerant and, as we’ve seen, they can be highly dangerous.”

An official, who spoke on the condition that he not be identified, said that while information gleaned after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol in Washington was a “contributing factor, it certainly wasn’t the driving force.”

Members of the Proud Boys, a far-right, all-male organization that lauded street brawling as part of its founding idea, played a prominent role in storming the United States Capitol.

... The Proud Boys was among 13 groups added to the government’s terrorism list, including three other far-right or neo-Nazi organizations. The other groups added to the list are affiliated with the Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

Officials stressed that the designations were unlikely to lead to arrests in the near term. “Just because you’re listed doesn’t mean that all of a sudden you’re now going to be charged with a crime,” one said.

But the official added that any crimes committed by members of the group can now be the subject of terrorism charges under criminal law. Those potential crimes include providing a terrorist group with funds or other assistance — such as purchasing Proud Boys paraphernalia or clothing from the group, although displaying or wearing them publicly breaks no laws.

Recruitment, travel and training related to the group can now also lead to criminal charges. Additionally, authorities have more power to remove its online posts, add its members to the no-fly list and deny entry at the border to group members who are not Canadian.

... In its designation, the Canadian government said members of the Proud Boys “espouse misogynistic, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, and/or white supremacist ideologies and associate with white supremacist groups.”
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Election fraud liars are scrambling to avoid lawsuits, but they can't retract the damage they've done
  • Trump-friendly media outlets like OAN and Newsmax have walked back their claims of election fraud.
  • Two voting tech companies — Smartmatic and Dominion — were made the grand conspiracy's boogeymen.
  • By cynically sowing distrust in democracy, Trump-friendly outlets can never undo the damage they've done.
The mass delusion that rampant election fraud cost Donald Trump the 2020 election isn't an overnight phenomenon.

It required the steady hum of repetition for it to become ingrained in the minds of Trump supporters.

Whether it was from a meme on Facebook or a conservative news network or right-wing conspiracy blog — the deluge of lies stuck in the brains of millions.

Some of those consumed by these lies then stormed the Capitol, many more say they no longer believe in American democracy.

But now the voting technology companies who have been slandered, libeled, and had their business' reputations effectively destroyed as a result of these election fraud lies are fighting back with billion-dollar lawsuits and hints of more to come.

As a result, the retractions from the Trump media ecosphere are coming fast and furious.

But no matter how much they'd like to convince opposition lawyers that they've corrected the record, the Trumpist liars can never retract the damage they've done.
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Trump-allied lobbying firm is closing down after Biden win and DC protests
A lobbying shop co-founded by leaders of former President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign is closing its doors following Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 election.

Avenue Strategies was co-founded by Barry Bennett nearly four years ago, after Trump's 2016 victory. Bennett, a senior advisor to Trump's first campaign, now says it's time to shut down after protests in front of his office building, which is a five-minute walk from the White House.

The closure comes on the heels of Trump's loss to Biden, making Avenue Strategies one of the first lobbying shops that had direct ties to Trump to do so. The firm dubbed itself as a "sherpa" for potential clients looking to gain access to the Trump White House and a new Washington under that administration.

... "Will be announcing a nonpartisan link up soon. But the Avenue office is done," he said. "Joining new firm." He declined to provide further details and did not respond when asked whether Trump's loss is another reason he decided to close the firm.
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Trump lawyers misspelled 'United States' in their defense brief for Trump's impeachment trial
  • Trump's attorneys misspelled the name of the country in their latest impeachment defense brief.
  • They say "Unites States" instead of "United States."
  • The lawyers were hired just days ago after Trump's original impeachment team quit.
Former President Donald Trump's impeachment lawyers misspelled the name of the country they were in Tuesday, filing a document that addressed "Members of the Unites States Senate."

The typo was at the top of a 14-page brief filed ahead of Trump's impeachment trial in the United States Senate. It argued that impeaching a former president would be unconstitutional, even though the Senate has previously impeached several public officials who left office.

Trump — who when he had a Twitter account frequently made bizarre spelling errors and had erratic capitalization and punctuation errors — has been disdainful of typographical errors.

According to an Axios report, he said it was "very embarrassing" that Sidney Powell, the conspiratorial attorney who falsely alleged conspiracy theories to explain Trump's 2020 election loss, spelled "district" as "districct" and "distrcoict" in a lawsuit challenging the election results.

... The House of Representatives charged Trump in January with inciting an insurrection. On Tuesday, its impeachment managers filed their own brief, arguing against the notion that any president could get a free pass from Congress in the waning days of their presidency.

"There is no 'January Exception' to impeachment or any other provision of the Constitution," the impeachment managers' brief said. "A president must answer comprehensively for his conduct in office from his first day in office through his last."
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Trump's longtime banker resigned in December after she failed to disclose a real estate deal involving a client (DB)
  • Trump's former banker Rosemary Vrablic was ousted after not disclosing a real estate deal: NYT.
  • Vrablic resigned from her managing director position at Deutsche Bank in December.
  • Deutsche worked with Trump until January, when the bank cut ties.
Donald Trump's contact at Deutsche Bank, who resigned in December, was actually outsed after failing to disclose a real estate transaction involving a client, according to an internal review submitted to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

The new filings, first reported on by the New York Times, revealed the banker, Rosemary Vrablic purchased property from a "client-managed entity." That deal involved a firm called Bergel 715 Associates. Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, holds a stake in the company, according to the Times, citing Kushner's financial disclosures.

Initial reports said Vrablic, a managing director, had resigned, but the filings revealed she was permitted to leave following the investigation.

Her December 31 departure followed an internal investigation that began months earlier and looked into her private financial dealings, including a 2013 purchase of a Park Avenue apartment for $1.5 million.

At the time of the Park Avenue deal, the former president and Kushner were carrying $200 million in loans from Vrablic's division specifically, the Times reported. Trump owes Deutsche Bank close to $340 million in all.

The bank eventually became the most consequential financial institution for Trump in the latter part of his business career, as no other banks would lend to him. Deutsch Bank in January severed ties with the former president following the deadly January 6 siege on the US Capitol, although the bank had been mulling ending its relationship with Trump since late last year, Reuters reported. Signature Bank also stopped doing business with the former president, Bloomberg first reported.
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Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer filed a bar complaint against Sidney Powell, asking that she be stripped of her law license
  • Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer filed a bar complaint against Sidney Powell.
  • She asked that the state bars in Texas and Michigan take away her law license.
  • Powell unsuccessfully tried to throw out the state's votes cast in the 2020 presidential election.
"She did not just tiptoe near a precarious ethical line — she outright crossed it," Whitmer wrote in the complaint. "By filing a frivolous lawsuit based on false statements and by brazenly attempting to disenfranchise Michigan voters during the recent presidential election, she engaged in grave attorney misconduct."

Whitmer was joined by two of Michigan's other top state officials, Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who filed their own bar complaints. They ask that the Texas state bar, where Powell is admitted to practice, take away Powell's law license after she filed multiple failed, conspiratorial lawsuits arguing that election technology companies rigged the 2020 presidential election by secretly switching votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden — a far fetched scheme she said was linked to China, Iran, and the now-dead Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. They also filed complaints against Greg Rohl, Scott Hagerstrom, and Stefanie Junttila, all colleagues of Powell involved in the effort.

Powell filed the lawsuits after then-President Donald Trump kicked her off his campaign's legal team in late November, when she spouted the theories at a press conference his campaign hosted. She went on to ask federal courts to overturn election results in Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin — all states Trump lost.

... Whitmer said Powell's lawsuits were an abuse of the legal system — an analysis legal ethics experts concur with.

"Ms. Powell has abused the trust the State Bar of Texas placed in her," Whitmer wrote. "She filed a complaint based on falsehoods, used her law license in an attempt to disenfranchise Michigan voters and undermine the faith of the public in the legitimacy of the recent presidential election, and lent credence to untruths that led to violence and unrest. In doing so, she violated both her attorney oath and the rules of professional conduct that govern the practice of law."
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Woman charged in Capitol riot asks judge to let her take vacation in Mexico
Jenny Cudd, a flower shop owner and unsuccessful mayoral candidate from Midland, wrote to a federal judge on Monday asking for permission to visit Riviera Maya, Mexico, for a four-day retreat this month. The court docket for her case doesn't yet show a response from the judge.

She was charged with two misdemeanors -- knowingly entering a restricted building and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds -- and was released shortly after her arrest in January. The Justice Department didn't try to keep her in jail before trial, an aggressive move they've reserved for the handful of riot-related defendants accused of violent crimes and conspiracies.

... In court filings, the Justice Department has described Cudd as unrepentant for her role in the insurrection, citing her comments in Facebook posts and interviews shortly after the riot.

"F--- yes, I am proud of my actions, I f---ing charged the Capitol today with patriots today. Hell, yes, I am proud of my actions," Cudd said in the Facebook video, according to court records.

In the livestream, Cudd allegedly detailed how she "pushed and pushed" and "got up to the top of the Capitol." She claimed, "there was a door open and we went inside," and later was able to "break down the Nancy Pelosi's office door," referring to the Democratic speaker of the House.

"I would absolutely do it again," Cudd said in a local news interview two days after the insurrection, according to court documents, referring to the storming of the Capitol building.
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House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy says he doesn't know what QAnon is even though he denounced it months ago
  • House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy says "he doesn't even know" what QAnon i
  • McCarthy denounced the conspiracy theory back in August 2020.
  • "There is no place for QAnon in the Republican Party," he told Fox News.
House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy said he doesn't even know what QAnon is while speaking to reporters about freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

"I think it would be helpful if you could hear exactly what she told all of us. Denouncing Q-on, I don't know if I say it right, I don't even know what it is," McCarthy told reporters on Wednesday.

However, while the GOP leader said he doesn't know what QAnon is he's been talking about it for months and even denounced it in the past.

In August he told Fox News: "There is no place for QAnon in the Republican Party."
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Marjorie Taylor Green apologized in private, but in public she has not demonstrated remorse
  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene privately apologized to her Republican colleagues this week.
  • In public, however, she has boasted that she has nothing to be sorry about.
  • Republicans will have to answer, now or someday, for her ongoing antics.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Republican from Georgia who two years before winning her first election said Jews were starting wildfires with laser beams from outer space, is sorry about all that — or at least behind closed doors, she was sorry for the controversy she's caused.

Privately, on Wednesday, she apologized. According to sources who spoke to The Hill, she told her GOP colleagues that "she made a mistake by being curious about 'Q,'" the deranged hoax (accepted by 3 in 10 Republicans who speak to pollsters) about Democrats running a global pedophile ring.

Greene, a close ally of former President Donald Trump and a big-time promoter of false claims about election fraud, went on to deny even knowing about the whole "Jewish space lasers" thing and deflected blame for having retraumatized survivors of mass murder by saying "she had personal experience with a school shooting."

The newly elected lawmaker then received a standing ovation from some in the GOP caucus. It's unclear from reports if she apologized for claiming 9/11 was an inside job or for showing support for posts that said top Democrats should be executed.

Apologies, when authentic, are directed to those who were harmed. In this instance, the remorse was aimed at her Republican colleagues — not those who she actually harmed — who are now having to publicly distance themselves from untrue statements that are believed by some of their base. And even in the safe space of a Republican caucus, Greene, according to reports, did not actually take ownership of all the hateful things she said before getting elected.

In public, she's not sorry at all. Speaking this week to Seb Gorka, a former assistant to Trump, Greene could only muster a shrug. The liberal media, she said, borrowing from her ally at Mar-a-Lago, was only reporting on the things she has said and done because they — the elite — don't like seeing an ostensibly regular person like her in power.

"I have said things I shouldn't say at some time or another," she told Gorka, "but I don't think I have anything to apologize for."

Back in the comfort of social media, Greene continued repeating falsehoods on Wednesday. To Rep. Ilhan Omar, the Somali refugee turned Democratic lawmaker from Minnesota, she tweeted, on the same day as grand apology: "[B]y the way, marrying your brother is ILLEGAL," a right-wing conspiracy theory about Omar's husband that's dripping in 19th-century racism.

... It shouldn't be behind us, though. The years 2016 through 2021 showed that conspiracy theorists are not harmless; they can, indeed, become rather powerful. And the events of January 6 illustrate that the end-product is often bloodshed and a threat to democracy itself — spurred from the top and perpetuated by more than just Greene within the Republican Party and its leadership.

If Greene is truly sorry she will, without excuses or deflections, apologize to parents whose children were murdered at their elementary school; to poll workers who fear for their lives because she said they stole an election; and to a Jewish community that had enough to deal with before they were being blamed for setting wildfires with laser beams.

But thus far, in public, she is not really sorry. She has said as much. And until Republican leaders and rank-and-file members alike decide that doing nothing is not enough, they should be forced to address, again and again, the metastasizing cancer within.
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The QAnon Shaman feels played by Trump, lawyer says
  • The "QAnon Shaman" from the Capitol riot now feels that Trump hoodwinked him, his lawyer said.
  • Jacob Chansley currently is in a Washington, DC, jail and awaiting trial.
  • "He has come to grasp that fact that the former president really didn't love him," his lawyer said.
Chansley — who carried a spear, wore bull horns, and covered himself in war paint at the January 6 riot — was arrested and charged with civil disorder, obstruction, and disorderly conduct on January 9.

QAnon is a baseless far-right conspiracy theory that believed that Trump, as president, was secretly fighting a "deep state" cabal of satanic pedophiles and cannibals. Trump has often retweeted QAnon figures and in August 2020 called the movement's followers "people who love our country."

Many QAnon adherents thought the Capitol riot would be "The Storm," in which Trump would cleanse Washington of its elites.

But Chansley, who is currently in custody in Washington, DC, while awaiting trial, is now appearing to turn on Trump.

"He has come to grasp that fact that the former president really didn't love him and that all the bulls--- about Trump's army and all the social media-driven conspiracy theories led to a lot of the vulnerability,"
Albert Watkins told The Daily Beast.
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Marjorie Taylor Greene mocked a Parkland shooting survivor as 'an idiot' who was trained 'like a dog'
  • Footage shows Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene calling a Parkland shooting survivor an 'idiot.'
  • 'He is very trained. He's like a dog. He's completely trained,' Greene said of David Hogg.
  • The Republican lawmaker could on Thursday be stripped of her committee assignments.
A recently resurfaced interview shows Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the lawmaker who could be stripped of her committee assignments over her highly controversial statements, mocking a survivor of the Parkland School shooting as an "idiot" and claiming he was "trained ... like a dog."

An April 2019 interview was unearthed by NBC News between a Georgia Gun Owners executive and Greene, a newly elected Republican lawmaker who has expressed support for QAnon and endorsed violence against Democratic lawmakers.

The interview shows Greene mocking David Hogg, who survived a fatal massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and subsequently became a prominent gun control advocate.

"He is very trained. He's like a dog. He's completely trained," she said of Hogg. Greene also describes an incident in which she pursued Hogg through Washington, DC, as he went to meet lawmakers.

Footage from the incident which resurfaced last week shows Greene calling Hogg a "coward" and demanding to know how he has secured meetings with members of Congress. She has falsely suggested the shootings like those at Parkland were staged.

"I confronted David Hogg twice, and he ran away from me," she said in the interview with Georgia Gun Owners, per NBC News.

"I'm looking at this idiot David Hogg leading these girls who are clueless, absolutely clueless, into giving up the greatest thing that protects them, and as an American woman, I know that," she added.
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Trump is so frustrated by his Twitter ban that's he's writing out insults and asking aides to tweet them, report says
  • Trump, barred from Twitter, is writing out "insults and observations" instead, The Daily Beast reported.
  • "He has resorted to suggesting put-downs for others to use or post to their own Twitter," per the outlet.
  • Trump is taking aim at opponents in the GOP as he battles to retain his hold over the party.
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Trumpism refers to the nontraditional political philosophy and approach espoused by Donald Trump and his supporters. The term Trumpism can also be used to directly refer to an outrageous or idiosyncratic statement made by Donald Trump.

Trump, whom many observers consider an anomaly, left the White House by saying, “We will be back in some form.” His legacy is “Trumpism” – a wave of white nationalism.

Trumpisms are Bushisms on steroids.