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'Shocking violence, bloodshed, and pain': Impeachment manager warns parents about letting children watch graphic footage from the Capitol attack
At the start of the trial on Tuesday, Raskin played a harrowing video montage of the Capitol attack that showed the pro-Trump mob assaulting police officers and captured the general mayhem in Washington on January 6. The video juxtaposed the violence with Trump's speech that helped provoke the riot, and tied it together with his broader effort to overturn the 2020 election on baseless allegations of voter fraud.
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House Impeachment Manager Rep. Jamie Raskin presents a video montage of the January 6, 2021 Attack on the U.S. Capitol during his opening statement during the U.S. Senate Impeachment Trial of former President Trump. WARNING: Graphic language and content.
Source: Senate Impeachment Trial: January 6 Video Montage - YouTube

Watch the graphic video of the US Capitol siege shown at Trump's impeachment trial
  • Jarring video presented by House impeachment managers set the tone Tuesday for the Senate trial.
  • The montage synced up Trump's speech with the march on the Capitol escalating to an insurrection.
  • Footage showed rioters cursing at and overrunning Capitol Police.
In the montage, shots from Trump's speech are juxtaposed with video of rioters storming the Capitol. The scenes were synced up in chronological order, showing how the march on the Capitol escalated to an insurrection after Trump's rally, where he told his supporters to walk down to the building and "fight like hell."

The full video also shows immediate reactions from Trump supporters during the president's speech, as well as how they described him at different points during the siege.

... Raskin framed the video as a reminder of how immediate and frightening the siege was as it unfolded, telling Senators not to dismiss the impeachment trial as frivolous since Trump is now out of office.
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