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This photo was taken in 2019, not during the Covid-19 pandemic
Soon after a rapidly expanding cluster of Covid-19 infections was reported in a Hong Kong gym in March 2021, a group photo of people without facemasks in a gym has circulated on Facebook alongside claims that the picture was taken during the pandemic at Ursus Fitness, the gym linked to a string of Covid-19 cases. The claim is false: the original photo was in fact posted on Facebook by Ursus Fitness in November 2019, before Hong Kong declared its first Covid-19 infection.
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Doctored newspaper front page claims medics advise against Covid-19 jab
An image has been shared in multiple Facebook posts that purportedly shows a headline in the February 16, 2021 edition of The Times that reads “Doctors and experts advise against taking experimental jab”. The posts circulated amid widespread mistrust and misinformation around Covid-19 vaccines. However, the image is a fabrication; The Times’s archive shows a different front page on February 16 and the newspaper published an article calling out the story as “fake”.
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The United Nations denies issuing an organ trafficking alert for the Middle East
A purported alert from the United Nations about the killing of migrant workers in the Middle East for organ harvesting has been shared on Facebook and Twitter hundreds of times. The posts also warns people about fake agencies who offer employment abroad but kill the victims and remove their organs. The claim is false: the purported alert is fabricated and the UN denied ever issuing any such alert.
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