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Old footage of Trump arriving in Switzerland shared in false posts about his first visit to New York since leaving office
A video has been viewed hundreds of thousands times in multiple Facebook, Twitter and YouTube posts in March 2021 that claim it shows former US President Donald Trump landing in New York for the first time since leaving the White House. The posts also claim that Trump is still using Air Force One, the US Air Force's presidential plane. The claim is false; the footage in fact shows Trump arriving in Switzerland for the World Economic Forum in January 2020.
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Image from 2018 shows girls in Tanzania who were expelled from school for falling pregnant
A photo has been shared on Facebook alongside a claim that it shows students in Uganda returning to class after a Covid-19 shutdown. This is false: the girls in the photograph, taken in Tanzania in 2018, were expelled from school for falling pregnant and are seen dropping off their children at a care centre.
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Catholic doctors in Kenya reject Covid-19 vaccines, repeat false claims in statement
The Kenya Catholic Doctors Association recently issued a press statement discouraging people from getting Covid-19 vaccines, calling them “unnecessary” and “unsafe”. The press release, however, was wrong on a number of points, including claims that steam and hydroxychloroquine can treat Covid-19. The document also punted population control conspiracies; AFP Fact Check has previously debunked these and other claims. The World Health Organization (WHO) dismissed the statement and assured the public that the vaccines were safe.
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Old videos circulate of Tanzania's president in public following unexplained absence
Videos circulating online purport to show Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli making public appearances following week-long concerns about his whereabouts and health. The claim is false; one clip is from a 2019 news report when there were also concerns about Magufuli’s health, while the second video was shot just before the latest bout of speculation over his wellbeing.
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Doctored news report falsely claims Philippine government shut down transportation in March 2021 to curb rising Covid-19 cases
As Covid-19 infections surge in the Philippines, multiple Facebook posts have shared a purported news graphic that states the government is shutting down all transportation in and out of Manila for a month beginning March 15, 2021. The claim is false: the dates seen in the text graphic have been digitally altered; the original graphic was published in 2020 and reports on travel restrictions implemented at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Misleading social media posts circulate claiming a Covid-19 vaccination centre in Jakarta is open to all
A claim circulating on Facebook says that a Covid-19 vaccination centre in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta is open to everyone with an Indonesian ID card. The claim is false: the program is only open for the elderly and employees of state-run companies who are registered as Jakarta residents.
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