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This video shows an Iraqi mosque attacked by American troops
A video has been viewed millions of times in multiple posts on TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube alongside a claim it shows Israeli soldiers shooting a minaret of a Palestinian mosque while an Islamic call to prayer is being broadcast. The claim is false. The audio of the video has been edited: in the original video, no call of prayer is heard. The video actually shows a minaret of a mosque in Iraq being shot by American troops.
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Hackers cannot post Facebook comments on your behalf without you seeing it
Multiple posts shared tens of thousands of times on Facebook warn users of a supposed hack where harmful comments can be posted on their behalf without their knowledge. The claim, which has circulated for years in various forms, is false. Facebook told AFP Fact Check that comments can’t be posted by a hacker without the account owner being able to see them.
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Social media posts falsely claim that USAID found no evidence of a massacre in Ethiopia’s Tigray region
Two weeks after Amnesty International released an in-depth investigation concluding that hundreds of civilians were killed by Eritrean forces in the city of Axum in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, posts circulating on social media claimed that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) conducted its own investigation and found no evidence that the atrocities happened. This is false; USAID told AFP Fact Check that the organisation was not the source of these claims, which were also dismissed on social media.
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Pelicans do not cool down by pushing spines out of mouths
Social media posts claim photos of pelicans show the birds taking their spines out of their mouths to cool down. But they are not capable of doing so; experts say that when the birds yawn, the pouch under their beak stretches over their neck, creating the strange visual seen in the images.
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Study did not find link between Covid-19 mRNA vaccines and cancer
An article shared thousands of times on social media claims a study from a renowned US cancer center found that Covid-19 mRNA vaccines could be linked to cancer. But the researchers did not examine such vaccines, and the article falsely portrays the actual findings of the study, the center and medical experts say.
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Biden did not fake comments to reporters on White House lawn
Joe Biden’s delay in holding a news conference has spurred criticism online, with some social media users claiming the US president staged an on-camera exchange with reporters. This is false; Biden did take questions from journalists at the White House on March 16, 2021, other footage and AFP journalists who were present confirmed.
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One of the photos was taken in 2008, not eight decades ago
A photo collage has been shared repeatedly on Facebook and Twitter alongside a claim that the two photos were taken 80 years apart and show there has been no rise of the sea level. However, the claim is false: the first image was taken in 2008 and has been digitally doctored to appear older, while the second photo was taken sometime between 1987 and 2012. As of the end of 2019, the global mean sea level was 87.6 millimetres above the 1993 average, according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
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Pre-pandemic photo recirculates in false posts about Covid-19 outbreak linked to Hong Kong gym
Following the detection of a Covid-19 infection cluster in Hong Kong linked to a gym, multiple Facebook and online forum posts have shared a photo that they claim shows an employee at the gym and a club member engaging in indelicate behaviour. The claim is false: the photo has circulated online since 2016 in posts about a fitness instructor and his wife in Thailand.
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The lotus blossoms were digitally inserted into this image by a graphic artist
An image that appears to show a canal in Venice laden with lotus blossoms has been shared hundreds of times in multiple Facebook posts. The posts, however, lack context; the image was created by a graphic artist and the lotus blossoms were digitally inserted into the image.
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