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New Zealand-based anti-lockdown page shares misleading anti-vaccine video
A video posted on Facebook by a New Zealand-based anti-lockdown page makes a number of claims, including that Covid-19 vaccines are the “most rushed vaccines ever”. The claim is misleading: according to experts, Covid-19 vaccines have been developed in ground-breaking time because governments have poured unusual amounts of resources into the development process.
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The picture of Pfizer vaccines sold online is ‘fake’ – Malaysia prohibits the sale of Covid-19 vaccines
A picture has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook and Twitter alongside a claim that Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccines are sold on popular e-shopping platform Shopee in Malaysia. The claim is false; Shopee says the photo is “fake” and Covid-19 vaccines have never been listed on its platform. The Malaysian Health Ministry says only the government can supply Covid-19 vaccines and the sale of Covid-19 vaccines is prohibited.
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Watch out for Facebook page giving away “free” tiny houses – it’s a scam
Multiple posts shared thousands of times on Facebook in New Zealand and South Africa claim to be giving away free tiny houses and motorhomes. However, this is a scam. The group running the promotions has been using images from tiny house builders without permission, as well as lifting other old images from the internet. These companies have told AFP Fact Check that this is a recurring problem, with scammers using their images repeatedly on Facebook.

The page uses fake giveaways to gain followers and reach. This sort of online scam is popular; it is used to attract followers to Facebook accounts or pages, which can then be sold on and renamed. The scammers may also mine people’s data, including names, phone numbers, email addresses and other personal information.
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Misleading Facebook posts tell people with Covid symptoms not to get tested in Papua New Guinea
Multiple Facebook posts shared hundreds of times advise people with Covid symptoms in Papua New Guinea that they “must manage themselves at home” and not to go for Covid-19 tests. The posts also list “home remedies'' for the disease. The posts are misleading: PNG’s Covid-19 Joint Task Force recommends that everyone exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms get tested and follow public health advice when being treated for the disease; health experts say the misleading post's recommendations go against the country’s current public health advice and could be dangerous.
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This footage circulated before the Covid-19 pandemic in reports about students fleeing tear gas at a school in Nigeria
Footage of students fleeing a building has been shared in multiple Facebook posts alongside a claim that it shows children running from a school where “live virus” Covid-19 vaccines were being forcibly administered to black kids. The claim, however, is false: the video has circulated since 2019 -- months before Covid-19 became a global concern -- in reports about students in Nigeria running from a tear gas canister that was accidentally opened in a school.
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Photo does not show Tanzania’s deputy leader visiting president in hospital before he died
Facebook posts claim to show Tanzanian's vice president Samia Suluhu Hassan visiting late president John Magufuli in hospital before the announcement of his death on March 17, 2021. But this is false: the picture shows Hassan and opposition leader Tundu Lissu four years ago.
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Video shows a plane used for drug smuggling and seized by the army in Guatemala
Footage of an aircraft taking off from a dirt runway has been circulating on social media in Nigeria alongside a claim that the video shows illegal miners smuggling gold out of the country’s northern Zamfara state to the United Arab Emirates. The claims add that the gold is exchanged for ammunition used by bandits in the state. This is false; the video clip was filmed in Guatemala’s northern region of PetΓ©n in January 2020 when soldiers seized the plane, used for narco-trafficking, and flew it to a local military base.
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Covid-19 vaccination does not invalidate US life insurance policies
Social media posts say that life insurance companies will not pay claims if a person dies within one year of receiving a vaccination against Covid-19. This is false, according to the organization that represents American life insurance firms and several US state regulators.
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US Congress has not raised its salary since last federal minimum wage increase
A Facebook post shared more than 55,000 times claims that members of the US Congress raised their own salaries nine times over the last 18 years but increased the federal minimum wage only once. But experts and government records say that while Congress established an automatic yearly salary increase based on changing labor costs, it has voted to deny itself a raise since 2009, the year of the last federal minimum wage increase.
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False claim circulates online claiming that former US President Trump wrote a book that includes damaging revelations about former Pakistani PM
Multiple posts on Facebook and Twitter claim that former US President Donald Trump wrote a book titled “The Original Face of Pakistan'' that includes damaging revelations about former Pakisani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The claim is false; Trump has written no such book.
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Australian military refutes claim of ‘severe side effects’ from Covid-19 vaccines amongst Navy service members
Multiple social media posts claim that 80 percent of Australian Navy service members who received the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine are experiencing “severe side effects,” while the remaining 20 percent have “mild side effects”. The claim is false; the Australian Department of Defence said the claim is “not true” and Australian health officials have not reported any abnormal side effects.
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