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Facebook posts touting pineapple drinks misrepresent research on potential Covid-19 treatment
A screenshot of a news report detailing research on a potential Covid-19 treatment that involves pineapple plants has been shared on Facebook alongside photos of pineapple drinks. The posts, however, are misleading: the research noted in the news report evaluates a potential Covid-19 treatment that uses a pineapple enzyme combined with another agent; a researcher involved in the project told AFP that pineapple drinks “will not work” against Covid-19.
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The US Department of Defense did not announce an airstrike on Ethiopia
A Facebook post alleging that the US Department of Defense had announced an imminent airstrike on Ethiopia has been shared hundreds of times in the East African country since early March 2021. The post cites The Washington Post, an American newspaper, as its source and also claims that the strike order came from the Oval Office. This is false; the US Department of Defense has made no such announcement. Furthermore, The Washington Post denied being the source of these claims.
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This photo has circulated in reports about a Russian plane landing in India in 2018
A photo has been shared hundreds of times in multiple Facebook posts alongside a claim that it shows a Russian cargo flight landing in Myanmar to transport “sophisticated weapons” in March 2021. However, the claim is false. The photo in fact has circulated in reports about a Russian plane landing at Chennai airport in India in September 2018.
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