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This photo shows the former president of Afghanistan reaching for hand sanitizer
An image purporting to show former Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai taking smokeless tobacco during a conference has sparked anger against him online for an apparent lack of respect. The image, however, has been edited; the original photo shows Karzai extending his hand to receive hand sanitizer.
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Facebook posts mislead on meaning of 'AstraZeneca'
Facebook posts shared hundreds of times claim AstraZeneca, the name of a British-Swedish drugmaker, means "weapon that kills" in a combination of three languages. The posts circulated online after millions of Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccines were administered to people around the world. The claim is misleading: the name "AstraZeneca" was created from the names of two other companies. "Astra" derives from the Greek word "astron", meaning "star", while "Zeneca" refers to "Zeneca Group", a British company whose name was invented by a branding agency.
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Facebook posts circulate fake Covid-19 government emergency alert for Seoul city
A screenshot of what appears to be a Covid-19 emergency text alert has been shared repeatedly on Facebook in March 2021 alongside a claim that it was sent out by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The claim is false: according to South Korean government's database and a Seoul offical, the purported alert is fake; the phone number seen in the text message is also inactive.
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Facebook posts share false claim about South Korea's guide on healthy blood pressure level
A claim has been shared repeatedly on Facebook in March 2021 that South Korea is the only country that recommends a healthy blood pressure level that is lower than that endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO). The claim is false: South Korea and the WHO recommend the same healthy blood pressure level, which is also recommended by several other international health authorities.
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