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Facebook account impersonating Ugandan newspaper promotes fabricated job listings
A Facebook account purporting to be run by Ugandan newspaper Daily Monitor is spreading the claim that the country’s Covid-19 task force is hiring more staff. This is false; the account is fake and not affiliated with the newspaper. Furthermore, AFP Fact Check confirmed with Uganda’s Ministry of Health that the job listings are a hoax.
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Nike denies ties to rapper’s ‘Satan Shoes’
US rapper Lil Nas X has released so-called “Satan Shoes” featuring the famous Nike swoosh, prompting critics to accuse the footwear and clothing giant of heresy. But the shoes were designed by a different company, and Nike denies any official tie-up with the launch and says it did not agree to market the shoes for sale.
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Disneyland has not banned screaming on its rides
Facebook posts shared more than 150,000 times claim that California theme park Disneyland banned screaming on its rides. This is false; a Walt Disney Company spokesperson said it does not have such a policy, and there is no mention of it on the park’s official website, which lists mask-wearing and other measures to help combat Covid-19 when it reopens.
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This image has been doctored to show a fabricated message from Queen Elizabeth II
An image has been shared repeatedly in multiple Facebook and Twitter posts alongside a claim it shows a UK billboard displaying a message from Queen Elizabeth II thanking Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for providing Britain with Covid-19 vaccines. The claim is false: the image has been digitally manipulated to include a fabricated quote from the Queen, who has not made any such statement as of March 30, 2021.
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