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This video shows the aftermath of an airstrike in Syria before Biden became US president
A video of a distraught Syrian woman has been shared hundreds of times on TikTok, Facebook and Twitter alongside a claim it shows her pleading for former US President Donald Trump to "stop" current US President Joe Biden from “killing innocent people”. The claim is false: the footage was recorded following an airstrike in Syria in July 2019, more than one year before Biden took office.
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Dogs should be taken to the vet if poisoned, not treated with at-home remedies
A post circulating widely on Facebook claims that if dogs ingest poison, feeding them two raw eggs will “neutralize” the toxins. This is false; experts urge pet owners to take their dogs to a veterinary clinic immediately.
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Canadian activist makes inaccurate claims about Covid-19 vaccine safety
An Ontario anti-mask activist makes false claims in an Instagram video about the safety of Covid-19 vaccines available in Canada and misleadingly refers to potential adverse vaccine reactions recorded in the United States. Medical experts said the shots do not alter the DNA of recipients or make people infectious, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that it has not detected safety issues with the vaccines.
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Potato Head toys, Dr. Seuss’ books are not ‘canceled’
Social media posts claim that Mr. Potato Head action figures, which are being rebranded, and Dr Seuss’ books, some of which are no longer in print, have fallen victim to “cancel culture” and been “taken down” by President Joe Biden. This is false; both franchises still exist, and it was the companies -- not the Biden administration -- which made the changes.
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