Colored Nougat

March 26th is National Nougat Day

Nougat (US: /ˈnuːɡət/ NOO-gət, UK: /ˈnuːɡɑː/ NOO-gah; French: [nuɡa]; Azerbaijani: nuqa; Persian: نوقا‎) is a family of confections made with sugar or honey, roasted nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, and macadamia nuts are common), whipped egg whites, and sometimes chopped candied fruit. The consistency of nougat is chewy, and it is used in a variety of candy bars and chocolates. The word nougat comes from Occitan pan nogat (pronounced [ˈpaⁿ nuˈɣat]), seemingly from Latin panis nucatus 'nut bread' (the late colloquial Latin adjective nucatum means 'nutted' or 'nutty').

There are three basic kinds of nougat. The first, and most common, is white nougat or Persian nougat (gaz in Iran, turrón in Spain), made with beaten egg whites and honey; it appeared in the early 15th century, in Alicante, Spain with the first published recipe in the 16th century, and in Montélimar, France, in the 18th century (Nougat of Montélimar). The second is brown nougat (nougat noir in French, literally 'black nougat'; in Italian croccante, meaning 'crunchy'), which is made without egg whites and has a firmer, often crunchy texture. The third is the Viennese or German nougat which is essentially a chocolate and nut (usually hazelnut) praline.

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