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'No personal liberties were taken away': Joe Scarborough blasts Jim Jordan for spreading 'lies' about Fauci
  • Joe Scarborough blasted Rep. Jim Jordan for his conduct while questioning Fauci during a hearing.
  • "When do Americans get their freedom back?" Jordan aggressively asked of Fauci.
  • "It's so personal and it is personal," Scarborough said. "They have lied about Dr. Fauci.
MSNBC host Joe Scarborough on Friday slammed GOP Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio for peddling "lies" about Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, during a congressional hearing on the COVID-19 pandemic.

During an episode of "Morning Joe," Scarborough was disturbed by Jordan's behavior, where the congressman repeatedly questioned when the country would fully reopen and said it was "obvious" that Fauci didn't see coronavirus-related health restrictions as an "assault" on the liberties of Americans.

The testy back-and-forth exchange between Jordan and Fauci resulted in Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California telling Jordan to "shut your mouth" after the congressman's time had expired and he attempted to continue questioning Fauci.

Scarborough expressed displeasure with Jordan and individuals who have attempted to minimize the severity of the coronavirus.

"It's so personal and it is personal," he said. "They have lied about Dr. Fauci. They have spread conspiracy theories about Dr. Fauci. They have said the most preposterous things."

He added: "They're trying to attack the messenger ... while they've been lying through their teeth to the American people, who has been warning that a lot of people could die. A year ago, they kept saying, 'Open things up, everything's fine, what is this? No worse than the flu.' No worse — over 550,000 people are dead. And the lies continue. The scapegoating still continues."

Scarborough, a former GOP congressman who represented a deeply conservative district in the Florida Panhandle, refuted Jordan's claims that individual freedoms have been threatened since the start of the pandemic last year.

"No personal liberties were taken away," he said. "The Supreme Court has reviewed the cases. The courts have reviewed cases. It's sheer idiocy playing for the lowest common denominator."

Scarborough then lamented that "lies" and "conspiracy theories" about Fauci "have always gotten clicks."

"You have to be a moron to believe it, but there are, I guess, a lot of morons out there," he said. "Jim Jordan peddles the suggestion that Anthony Fauci somehow is the problem instead of a coronavirus that's spread across America and killed 550,000 people."
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France Will Quarantine Travelers From Four Countries
French authorities will tightly restrict who can travel to France from Brazil, Argentina, Chile and South Africa, and will impose a 10-day quarantine on those who do, in the hope of staving off worrisome coronavirus variants circulating in those countries, the government announced on Saturday."

The announcement adds to a shifting patchwork of international restrictions that have complicated travel around the world."

Prime Minister Jean Castex announced late on Saturday that, starting April 24, travelers arriving from any of the four countries will have to quarantine for 10 days. Police officers will check on them to ensure that they comply."

Entry from the four countries will be limited almost exclusively to French citizens and their families, citizens of other European Union countries, and foreigners with permanent homes in France. Travelers must have tested negative for the virus within a shorter time before takeoff, and will be given antigenic tests on arrival.
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Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a contagious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The first case was identified in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. It has since spread worldwide, leading to an ongoing pandemic.

Symptoms of COVID-19 are variable, but often include fever, cough, fatigue, breathing difficulties, and loss of smell and taste. Symptoms begin one to fourteen days after exposure to the virus. Most people (81%) develop mild to moderate symptoms (up to mild pneumonia), while 14% develop severe symptoms (dyspnea, hypoxia, or more than 50% lung involvement on imaging) and 5% of patients suffer critical symptoms (respiratory failure, shock, or multiorgan dysfunction). At least a third of the people who are infected with the virus remain asymptomatic and do not develop noticeable symptoms at any point in time, but can spread the disease. Some patients continue to experience a range of effects—known as long COVID—for months after recovery and damage to organs has been observed. Multi-year studies are underway to further investigate the long term effects of the disease.

Source: Coronavirus disease 2019 - Wikipedia