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Experts say there are numerous factors behind erectile dysfunction, but the Covid-19 vaccine is not one of them
Posts claiming that Covid-19 vaccinations are causing erectile dysfunction in men have been circulating widely on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in Indonesia. The claim is false: vaccine manufacturers say there are no documented instances of Covid-19 vaccinations causing male impotence; experts told AFP that erectile dysfunction is most often caused by psychological not physical issues.
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This photo shows a Romanian flag with a hole to symbolise the 1989 revolution
A photo has been shared hundreds of times on Twitter and Weibo alongside a claim that it shows a tattered French national flag displayed at Hungary’s national museum as a deliberate “insult” to France. The claim is false: the photo shows the Romanian flag with a hole in the middle to symbolise the 1989 revolution.
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Photo shows forecast of tsunami path in Japan after 2011 earthquake
As the Japanese government announced it would release treated water from a nuclear plant into the ocean, multiple social media posts shared a purported satellite image of the resulting pollution. But the posts shared the image in a false context. In reality, the image shows a forecast by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for a tsunami in March 2011 after a massive earthquake struck Japan's Tohoku region.
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Singing trio from Italian music group are not the children of famed tenors
A video of three singers performing the classic Italian song “ll Mondo” has been shared in multiple social media posts claiming they are the sons of the world-famous opera stars Andrea Bocelli, PlΓ‘cido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti. However, the claim is false; the young stars performing at the outdoor concert are Piero Barone, Gianluca Ginoble and Ignazio Boschetto of the Italian music group ll Volo. They are not the sons of The Three Tenors.
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Doctored newspaper headline falsely claims Sri Lanka minister played down toxic coconut oil
A photo of a newspaper clipping has circulated in Facebook posts that claim it shows Sri Lanka Minister of Industries Wimal Weerawansais saying consuming a tiny amount of toxic coconut oil is harmless. The claim is false; the photo has been doctored from an unrelated news report published months before cancer-causing compounds were detected in a batch of imported coconut oil in Sri Lanka.
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Facebook posts mislead on benefits for South Korean war veterans
A chart circulated in multiple Facebook posts purports to show Korean War veterans in South Korea receive lower government benefits than a group of South Korean pro-democracy demonstrators who protested against the military junta in 1980. But the posts present the data in a misleading way: the South Korean government assesses benefits for members of the two groups based on the injury level of the claimant.
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Facebook posts mislead on 'stroke dangers' for people 'getting out of bed too quickly'
Multiple Facebook posts have shared a purported health notice that warns people who get out of bed "too quickly" are likely to suffer a stroke. The claim is misleading: health experts said the warning was “not true” for healthy people who have no underlying medical conditions.
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