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Debunked myth circulates online about 'cancer cure discovered in Pakistan's Hunza Valley'
Multiple Facebook posts claim people living in Pakistan’s Hunza Valley are cancer-free because they consume apricot seeds which allegedly “kill cancer cells”. The posts are misleading: health experts say apricot seeds are not effective in preventing or treating cancer. The claim about Hunza Valley people living "without cancer" was debunked decades ago by researchers.
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This image of a landslide in Taiwan has been doctored to insert a house
An image shared thousands of times on Facebook purports to show a house that is up for sale, perched on top of landslide rubble. The image, however, has been doctored. The original image has appeared in news reports about a 2010 landslide in Taiwan and does not show a house.
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This clip actually shows computer-generated imagery from a video game
A video has been viewed millions of times in Facebook posts purporting to show a US military plane being shot down by Taliban militants in Afghanistan. The claim is false; the clip actually shows computer-generated imagery from a war video game called ARMA 3.
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Misleading flu statistics fuel ‘fake pandemic’ claims online
A graphic purporting to show that flu cases have fallen dramatically since 2020 has been shared by Facebook users worldwide alongside a claim it proves health authorities are falsely passing influenza cases off as Covid-19 cases. The graphic, however, has been shared in a misleading context: it compares confirmed positive flu tests in the United States for 2020-21 with estimated cases for 2019-20. Health experts told AFP that the decline in flu cases since 2020 was likely due to lockdowns, mask-wearing and better hand hygiene during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Footage of blaze shows training institute in Ghana, not legislature in Nigeria
Footage of a white building engulfed with flames has been circulated in social media posts claiming to show an inferno at the legislature in Nigeria’s southeastern city of Owerri in Imo state. However, this is false; the video clip predates the claim and AFP Fact Check confirmed it was actually filmed at a training college in Ghana.
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This image shows the memorial service for Lol Mahamat Choua, Chad’s fourth president who died in 2019
An image showing men praying in front of a coffin has been shared hundreds of times alongside a claim that it was taken at the funeral of Chad’s former president Idriss Deby Itno, who died on April 19, 2021. But the claim is false; the image shows the memorial service of another former Chadian leader, Lol Mahamat Choua, who died in 2019.
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This photo shows a school-turned makeshift Covid-19 hospital in Delhi
A photo has been shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram alongside a claim that it shows a 1,500-bed hospital set up to cope with surging Covid-19 cases in the northern Indian city of Lucknow. The claim is false: the image is actually from a school in Delhi that was converted into a makeshift Covid-19 hospital in April 2021.
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Photo shows march calling for referendum on final Brexit deal in 2018, not anti-lockdown protest
Multiple Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts have shared an aerial photo which they claim shows a protest against coronavirus lockdowns in the UK capital of London in April 2021. The claim is false: the photo shows a march in October 2018 that called for a fresh referendum on Brexit.
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Photo taken after first live televised football match between Arsenal and their reserve team in 1937
A photo has been shared in multiple posts on Instagram and Facebook alongside a claim that the first televised football match was between Arsenal and Everton in 1937. The claim is misleading. The photo was taken after a match between Arsenal and their reserve team in 1937, which is recognised as the world’s first live televised football match.
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Video amplifies misleading claim about Marcos heir’s vice presidency bid
A video has been viewed thousands of times in multiple posts on YouTube and Facebook that claim Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has “released evidence” that former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr won the vice presidency in 2016. But the claim is misleading: the video actually shows Duterte holding documents at a media interview in 2017 that do not relate to the 2016 elections. The clip provides no further evidence that Marcos won the vice presidency. In February 2021, the Philippine Supreme Court dismissed the election case filed by Marcos against Vice President Leni Robredo.
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Image purporting to show China's top diplomat 'bowing' to Mike Pompeo has been doctored
An image shared repeatedly in Facebook and Twitter posts purports to show China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi bowing to former US secretary of state Mike Pompeo while shaking hands during a meeting. The image, however, has been doctored: the original photo shows the pair only shook hands during the meeting in Beijing in 2018. Footage of the event also does not show Yang bowing to Pompeo.
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