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This video is unrelated to ongoing West Bengal polls -- it was filmed in a different Indian state in 2019
A video has been viewed thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter, alongside a claim that it shows a mob storming a polling station during elections in India’s West Bengal state in 2021. But this claim is false: the video has circulated online in unrelated news reports since 2019 about poll violence that happened in a different Indian state.
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India election watchdog rejects voter fraud quote attributed to ex-boss
As millions head to the polls for India’s West Bengal elections, a newspaper clipping has surfaced in social media posts which claim it shows a quote from the former head of the Election Commission of India T. S. Krishnamurthy admitting that the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) hacked voting machines in state assembly polls in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh in 2017. The election watchdog has rejected the claim and registered a police case over what it said was “fake news”.
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Misleading news report claims UNESCO dismissed allegations of Sri Lanka deforestation
A media organisation in Sri Lanka has shared a claim that UNESCO denied any damage to the country's Sinharaja forest, following reports of deforestation. But the claim is misleading. The statement was made by the National Commission for UNESCO in Sri Lanka, which is separate from and does not speak for the global organisation. UNESCO is in fact looking into deforestation concerns in Sri Lanka, a spokeswoman told AFP.
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There is no evidence that putting onions under feet cures cancer or malaria
A Facebook post shared in Nigeria claims that putting sliced onions under one's foot overnight can cure several deadly diseases, including cancer and malaria. This is false; there is no evidence that the vegetable is effective against these ailments. Medical experts have dismissed the claim.
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Facebook page promotes fake jobs in South Africa and Kenya
Three posts shared on Facebook claim to offer jobs for casual workers at PEP Stores, a leading retail company in South Africa. However, the posts are a scam and the firm has denied any association with the page behind the purported listings.
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Covid-19 precautions do not mean vaccines are ineffective
Fox News host Tucker Carlson asks in a video viewed more than 450,000 times on Facebook why people immunized against Covid-19 need to observe measures such as mask use if vaccines are effective. But the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) makes clear that precautions remain necessary because it is not yet known how well the shots protect against variants or prevent the spread of Covid-19.
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Covid-19 vaccinations offered by Ontario mobile clinics are voluntary
Social media posts claim that medical authorities are going door-to-door to force people to get Covid-19 vaccines in Ontario. This is false; vaccination is not mandatory in Canada, and public health experts say mobile clinics have been set up in Ontario to reach mostly older people in densely populated, high-risk neighborhoods who otherwise might have difficulties accessing the shots.
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LeBron James’ shirt did not say ‘WE DIE, y’all silent’ in 2014 photo
A photo shared thousands of times in Facebook posts appears to show US basketball star LeBron James wearing a shirt that reads “WE DIE, y’all silent” in a condemnation of the public response to police violence against Black people. But a spokeswoman for James says it is not authentic, a reverse image search shows the shirt actually said “I CAN’T BREATHE,” and photo analysis indicates the image was altered.
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Foot Locker did not donate $200 million to Black Lives Matter
Posts shared across social media say that athletic retailer Foot Locker donated $200 million to Black Lives Matter, yet saw their stores looted by the organization in Minneapolis, amid protests after the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright. But both Foot Locker and BLM confirmed to AFP that the sportswear company did not make a donation to the organization.
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