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This man was arrested at a demonstration supporting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in January 2021
Facebook and Instagram posts purport to show a video of an elderly man who was arrested for not wearing a facemask, despite allegedly being vaccinated against Covid-19. The claim is misleading: the man was arrested for breaching coronavirus restrictions at a demonstration in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in London in January 2021. Health authorities recommend wearing masks and social distancing even for people who have been fully vaccinated.
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Still no evidence Rwanda's president ordered deportation of 18 Chinese nationals after claim resurfaces
Posts claiming that Rwandan President Paul Kagame ordered the deportation of 18 Chinese nationals for mistreating local workers have resurfaced online. AFP Fact Check debunked the same claim in 2020 and found no evidence backing up the allegations. To this day, there is still no public record of such an order and representatives of both the Rwandan and Chinese governments have confirmed the incident never happened.
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This petrol station robbery took place in Zimbabwe, not South Africa
A screenshot from what appears to be part of a newspaper article describing how armed robbers held up a petrol station, posed as staff and sold fuel before pocketing the cash has been shared on Facebook, along with the claim that the incident happened in South Africa. While the story of the daring robbery is true, it took place in Zimbabwe and not in South Africa.
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No hidden gun control policy in New York marijuana legislation
Facebook posts claim that recently signed New York state legislation legalizing recreational marijuana includes a back-door policy barring cannabis users from purchasing guns. This is false; there was no mention of firearms in the bill, and although federal law prohibits marijuana use by gun owners, experts say this restriction is unlikely to impact firearm owners in the state.
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US cardiologist makes false claims about Covid-19 vaccination
Video of a cardiologist claiming that there is no reason for healthy people under the age of 50 or those who have recovered from Covid-19 to be vaccinated against the virus has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on social media. But medical experts say younger people should be inoculated because they can still be affected by the virus, and that the shots also benefit those who have already had the disease.
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Fabricated photo misleads on celebrity support for Xinjiang cotton
As Chinese celebrities cut ties with brands after they pledged to stop sourcing cotton from Xinjiang over alleged human rights abuses in the region, a photo collage has emerged in social media posts that claim it shows ten Hong Kong celebrities holding banners with the message: “I wear Xinjiang cotton”. The claim is false: the images have been doctored from a social media campaign in 2016 to support local firefighters.
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The video shows officers protesting over government handling of police brutality complaints in June 2020
Facebook, Instagram and TikTok posts circulating in April 2021 share a video they claim shows French police throwing their handcuffs to the ground to protest coronavirus lockdowns. The claim is false: the footage actually shows officers protesting a perceived lack of support from the government over police brutality complaints in June 2020.
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