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Doctored magazine headline misleads on Sri Lankan official’s ‘toxic food’ comments
A photo of a purported magazine article has been shared repeatedly in Facebook posts that claim it shows a Sri Lankan official blamed the island nation's president for toxic food products found in the country. The claim is false: the photo has been doctored from a magazine article that did not mention Sri Lanka's president.
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Doctored news graphic shares false quote from top diplomat about Philippine vice president
A purported news graphic has been shared thousands of times in social media posts that claim it shows disparaging remarks made about Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo by a top diplomat. The claim is false: the graphic has been doctored from an original news report that contained a different quote from the diplomat.
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Irish Professor Makes Unfounded Claims About Long-Term Effects of mRNA Vaccines
The COVID-19 mRNA vaccines authorized for use were found to be safe and effective in clinical trials and real-world conditions. A professor in Ireland baselessly claims in a video circulating on social media that they are not, and that those who get the vaccines will die as a result within several years.
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Footage of sheep intestines in Turkish dish falsely presented as a soup of human penises in China
Nigerian separatists are sharing two videos on social media claiming that the footage shows Chinese restaurants serving human penises. The claims come a week after AFP Fact Check debunked a satirical story presented as fact on social media that thousands of human penises shipped from Nigeria were intercepted in China. This recent claim is also false; the clips were filmed in the Turkish city of Adana and show a special delicacy called Şırdan.
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This video shows German military vehicles during an exercise
A video showing various military vehicles has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook alongside the claim that they belong to the Ethiopian army. This is false: while the Ethiopian army did recently acquire new military trucks, the video was actually filmed in Germany, a German army spokesman confirmed. Furthermore, the video was shared on a Facebook account impersonating the state-owned Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC).
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'Positive' and 'negative' control swabs in Covid-19 test kits only used for quality control, experts say
An image purporting to show components of a Covid-19 test kit has been shared in multiple posts on Facebook alongside a claim that the “positive” and “negative” control swabs are proof that test results are “fixed” in advance. The claim is false: the swabs shown in the image are used to maintain quality control, not for patient testing, experts say.
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Radical Pakistan party leader misleadingly claims praying at Muslim shrine can cure Covid-19
A video has been viewed tens of thousands of times in multiple social media posts that shows the leader of a Pakistan extremist party encouraging people to pray at a notable Muslim shrine in the city of Lahore so they can be “healed” from Covid-19. The claim is misleading: there is no credible evidence that prayer can cure Covid-19. International health experts have previously warned against mass gatherings over fears they could exacerbate the spread of Covid-19.
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This image shows a US mosque where a fire broke out in 2019
A photo has been shared in multiple Facebook and Twitter posts that claim it shows a mosque set on fire by “extremists” in France. The claim is false: the image shows a mosque in the US state of Connecticut where a fire broke out in 2019.
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