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'Eat whatever you like': Facebook posts mislead on ages that inventors and sports stars died
A list circulating in multiple Facebook posts purports to give the ages at which various inventors and sports stars died. The posts advise people to "eat whatever you like" and "enjoy life", because, they claim, exercise does not necessarily prolong life. The claim is misleading: the list gives inaccurate ages of death for many of the notable figures it includes. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends consuming a balanced diet and doing regular exercise to prevent malnutrition and ill-health.
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Image of ‘river’ resembling a human face is a painting and entirely fictional
An image that appears to show an expanse of water shaped like a human head with flowing hair has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook with claims that it depicts the Zambezi River in Zambia. This is false; the river is not real and the image is, in fact, an acrylic painting created by Russian artist Natalia Livitchuk.
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Covid-19 shots not found to have caused deaths that followed vaccinations
Social media posts claim there have been 3,005 “Covid vaccine deaths” since December 1, 2020. .The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says it has received that many reports of deaths among people who took a Covid-19 vaccine, but found no evidence of the immunizations contributing to the fatalities
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Canola oil, used in meat substitutes, is safe
An Instagram post claims that canola oil -- an ingredient in plant-based alternatives to meat -- is toxic. This is false; nutritionists say the oil is not harmful for humans to consume, and it is recognized as safe by US regulators.
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Fabricated image purports to show sign of ‘most hated river’ that does not exist in South Korea
An image purporting to show a road sign for a river in South Korea called “Jaesugang”, which translates as “retaking a class”, has been shared on social media alongside a claim that “this is a river most hated by university students”. However, the image has been digitally created and was likely intended as satire: such a river does not exist in South Korea, according to an official database.
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This video has been taken from an Indian road safety campaigner's film
A video has been viewed thousands of times in multiple posts on Facebook alongside a claim it shows a group of Indian Muslim motorcyclists brandishing weapons after they were stopped for not wearing helmets. The claim is false: the original video was actually staged by an Indian road safety campaigner for a short film.
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This video is a work of fiction and part of an upcoming web series
A video has been viewed thousands of times on Facebook alongside a claim it shows a policeman in India shooting a couple in broad daylight. The claim is false; the people in the video are actors and the scene was filmed for an upcoming web series, local police said.
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Old video of Pakistan PM Khan circulates alongside false claim about 2021 extremist party protests
A video of Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has been viewed more than four million times on Facebook alongside a claim that it shows him condemning protests against a Pakistan extremist party leader's arrest in April 2021. The claim is false: the video shows Khan giving a speech in October 2018. In the speech, he condemned a different protest by supporters of the same extremist party.
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