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This ranch does not belong to Mark Zuckerberg
An image showing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg standing next to a herd of black cattle has been shared multiple times on social media alongside a caption that Zuckerberg is “enjoying at his ranch”. However, the claim that ranch belongs to him is false; Zuckerberg originally posted the photo on Facebook in 2017 during a visit to a ranch belonging to a family in South Dakota.
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This photo shows a rock creation, not a petroglyph in British Columbia
Social media posts claim that an aerial photo shows ancient petroglyphs in Vancouver, British Columbia. But the image was taken near Nelson, BC, hundreds of kilometers from the west coast Canadian city, according to the drone operator who shot it, while local experts said it does not depict a petroglyph, and the formation is similar to labyrinths created in modern times around the Nelson region.
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Biden’s climate plan does not target US meat consumption
Republican politicians, pundits and media reports claim that President Joe Biden’s climate plan would require Americans to cut red meat consumption by 90 percent. But the figure comes from a study published more than a year before Biden took office, authors of which said dietary changes are not needed to meet climate goals, and the president’s plan makes no mention of US eating habits.
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Misleading face mask graphic shared in incorrect virus posts
Multiple online posts have shared a graphic that purports to show the virus that causes Covid-19 is small enough to pass through certain face masks. The claim is misleading, according to health experts. The virus spreads as part of larger particles -- created by sneezing or coughing -- that are effectively blocked by face masks, they said.
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