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This image was taken in September 2020 -- months before Ever Given blocked the Suez Canal
Multiple Facebook posts have shared an aerial image of containers spelling out THANK YOU alongside a claim that trafficked children were rescued from the Ever Given, a container vessel that got stuck in Egypt’s Suez Canal for almost one week in March 2021. The claim is false: the image was taken in September 2020 -- months before the vessel blocked the canal. AFP has previously debunked claims that a US Navy SEALs mission had found trafficked children and dead bodies on board the Ever Given.
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Photo of collapsed flyover was taken in India, not Nigeria
An image showing a damaged flyover bridge has circulated in numerous social media posts claiming that it shows shabby construction work in Nigeria’s northern Taraba state. However, this is false; the photo showing the collapsed structure was taken in India, not Nigeria.
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This photo shows a Tanzanian member of parliament meeting a retired Israeli paratrooper
A photo is being shared on Twitter alongside a claim that it shows Tanzanian member of parliament Hamisi Kigwangalla meeting Microsoft founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates. The claim is false; the photo was taken in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2019 when the Tanzanian politician met Shlomo Carmel, a former member of the elite Israeli paratroopers who rescued over 100 hostages held at Uganda’s Entebbe airport in 1976.
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Covid-19 vaccine does not make people dangerous to others
Social media posts claim that people vaccinated against Covid-19 pose a health risk to those who have not been immunized by “shedding” spike proteins. But experts say this is impossible, and that there is also no proof for the claim that the shots affect fertility.
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Small percentage of vaccinated people will get Covid-19
Social media posts seek to raise doubts about vaccines by saying those who believe immunized people are at risk from others who have not received shots do not think they work. But while studies have found that vaccines protect against Covid-19, US health authorities say that a small percentage of recipients will still contract the potentially deadly disease.
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Experts reject claim that supplements can counter Covid-19 vaccines
Articles shared on social media claim several dietary supplements can serve to “neutralize” effects of widely-used Covid-19 shots. This is false; doctors dismiss the claim, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says the inoculations are safe and effective.
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Social media posts falsely claim Indonesia has salvaged wreckage of sunken submarine
YouTube clips viewed hundreds of thousands of times claim that Indonesia has salvaged the wreckage of a submarine that sank in April 2021, with the loss of all 53 people aboard. The claim is false. As of April 29, 2021, there are no credible reports that the wreckage of the submarine has been salvaged. An expert told AFP that it could take around two months to successfully lift the wreckage, which is at a depth of more than 800 metres.
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United Nations has not classified 18 to 65-year-olds as ‘youth’
Social media posts in South Korea claim the United Nations (UN) has reclassified 18 to 65-year-olds as “youth”. The claim is false: representatives from various UN agencies said there was no such system, and UN publications define “youth” as individuals aged between 15 and 24.
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